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I Sat Beneath The Question Mark

I sat beneath the question mark
And ate the wonderment
Enjoying the digestion
And the churning of the question

I knelt, sipped from the chalice
and licked my lips of juicy wine
Unknowing of the meaning
and the purpose of my kneeling

I made my trophies
and baked my philosophies
Iced my creams and appled my pies
Those eternally revised

The fifth of my summers
The first of my quests
The last returns softly
And then yells from his deathbed
To all of my guests

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Buried With Yesterday

Buried with yesterday
and it’s forgotten smears
Smudges on my shades
I’m shady
and my shady eyes are raw
from reruns…up all night

Signals and neon barricades
Why do I delve despite cautions from friends?