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1. We Do Not Need Saving 6/23/2007
2. Define 6/23/2007
3. 'Colour Inside The Lines' 6/23/2007
4. I Sat Beneath The Question Mark 6/23/2007
5. Growing 6/23/2007
6. When Walking Out Upon Your Words 6/23/2007
7. The Signifier Is Arbitrary 6/23/2007
8. Buried With Yesterday 6/24/2007
9. Communication 6/24/2007
10. They 6/24/2007
11. Open Night 6/24/2007
12. Tonight 6/24/2007
13. Dreaming 6/24/2007
14. Shifted Whispers 6/24/2007
15. Bottle Me Up 6/24/2007
16. Langauge 6/23/2007
17. As I Get Ready For The Day 6/23/2007
18. As You Lay In Slumber 6/24/2007
19. Driving Home 6/23/2007

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Best Poem of Sarah Eve

Driving Home

On this whim
As the sky feels heavy burgeoning upon us
As a faded black sea rolls beneath
Every intention and premonition.
I think, I think, I think about you too much.

When you left my passenger side
with goodbye
upon your tea and me stained lips
I flew away with your music blaring and the taste of your rosy, wet tongue
imprinted on my sun
you are not the only one
with these hungry skyward mirrors

I saw your eyes as stairs
With which to climb the night
And threw the rest of the world away
Into the constellations
Trapped so they could ...

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These are just opacities
Gripping the sidebar
Righting the wrong sides
Easing the night steps
Closing the cellar door
Smiling at crows

Atop the night
Fall unspoken intentions

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