A New Friend Poem by Sarah Sisson

A New Friend

Rating: 3.2

Pulling a new friend into
your life is a form of balance.
Its a ripple in the system
that is so beautiful...
a new spirit... a new energy.
Both are souls combined.
When two people compliment
each other, it is a valuable commodity...
to the flow of the world. A chain
of events that bring a happiness
to more than just the new friends.

Luis Gil 23 December 2008

I totally agree. A new voice is a return to hope. 'Knots untie, breathe slowly'. Thanks for the poem, Sarah.

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Salaam Freeland 23 December 2008

This reminds me of the butterfly effect. This is quite an affriming piece, and an agreeable read. I wonder if we're creating ripples. Thanks for sharing.

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Jessica Rose 23 December 2008

this is such a sweet poem! i realy like it! Jess xx

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Meena Iyer 23 December 2008

Too true! friendship is ever so more than just sharing time and thoughts :) its a chain of happiness :)

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Sid John Gardner. 28 December 2008

Always on he lookout for new friends here Sarah.Great writing and with depth and brevity.Liked it...By the way which part of Texas? Sid x

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Well written. The world would be such a better place if we had more real freiends. Thanks for sharing my friend Sarah!

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

When two people compliment each other, it is a valuable commodity... Rachel Ann Butler

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Joe M.-M. 24 January 2009

I agree, new friends in the dynamic of a life are joyous things, but at the same time I think you underplay the fact that it is difficult to fit them into the scheme of things. Still a very good read.

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Ted Sheridan 05 January 2009

I'm a fan. I've been reading but don't always comment.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 05 January 2009

Beautiful......A new perception of friendship.....A new friend is a blessing always but olds are treasures. Regards Naseer

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