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shiny shine Poems

1. Explain 3/8/2010
2. I Remember Once 7/28/2010
3. At Night 1/2/2010
4. Some-Times 8/17/2007
5. Before 6/7/2009
6. Obstacles 1/2/2010
7. I Can'T..... But I Can 6/3/2009
8. Dungeon 2/1/2007
9. Forever 5/29/2007
10. I Remember 2/7/2010
11. Letting Go 5/22/2009
12. Together 6/16/2009
13. I Will Remeber.... 5/29/2007
14. Midnight Rider 1/31/2007
15. Why Should I 5/22/2008
16. Before We Met 6/17/2009
17. Best Friends 2/15/2007
18. Broken Friendship 6/29/2007
19. Death 8/17/2007
20. Friendship Or Love 5/25/2007
21. Beach 2/1/2007
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As I walk along the deserted beach
I feel the damp sand surronding my feet
I feel the cool relaxing breeze creep up upon me with ease
As I look out at the restless waves my thoughts unwind like restless days
The beach is a very quiet and calming place

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As I walk through the dark and eerie dungeon
I smell the musky air
The rotting corpse lays upon the warped wooden bench
As I open the creaking door the rusted hinge screaks
I see the well oiled chains laying so proudly upon the worn down dirt in the far gloom I hear echoing screams
I walk slowly over to examine the rotting corspe and discover a damaged necklace as I took it in the distance I hear a shooting
I suddenly hit the cold bricks, and screamed in shock

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