Friendship Or Love Poem by shiny shine

Friendship Or Love

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When I talk to you it is friendship
But when I hug you it is love
Friendship is when we have fun
Love is when we flirt
So which do I choose the strong friendship
the fun love?

Alf Hutchison 24 July 2009

Words of great wisdom... I do really like this write... when does friendship become love or better still when does love become friendship... regards Alf

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Dave Dunn, aka Rhumour 17 July 2009

I found this to be the best of the several poems I read on your page tonight - it has a purpose and control that captures attention. Best wishes

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Josh Blight 09 July 2009

A very good poem. Short, sweet, and to the point. I think the best love developes from a great friendship. And you cant really have one without the other. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing.

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Christina Smith 03 May 2009

aren't friendship and love exactly the same thing or is there a big difference..... I do not know............. anyway liked the poem thanks xx

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 27 April 2009

friendship and love go with each other..great emotions and thoughts..amazing!

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Emma Adamyan 12 April 2010

in a fun love u can lose friend and never gain him again, but in strong friendship u can love ur friend without lossing not friendship nore love. sly? yeah :)

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Sharayna Eldridge 01 April 2010

I Really Love This Poem.. It Speaks The Truth 4 Every 1! ! !

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Hunter Dasten 27 January 2010

I've read a few of your poems, yet this it the one I choose to leave my thoughts on. I feel as if your work is simply scratching the surface of idea's you don't fully develop into a resolution. I implore you as a writer myself, to pursue your poems until they have a firm motive to exist! It is not enough to merely express an emotion, the poet must justify itself!

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Antonio Liao 10 August 2009

you amuse me my dear.....I like the style and the concept utter, so sweet, harsh to believe, to near yet! so far and so flirting yet! its fancy....God bless your poem....A beautiful one...a 10+

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Poetic Soul 25 July 2009

A wonderful breif write...great words of wisdom and understanding.

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