In The Glade Poem by Subroto Chatterjee

In The Glade

Rating: 5.0

And I found each tree brooding;
Huddled together in the wood.
Then ‘neath the trees as I stood,
They loomed tall and foreboding.
Shimmering green and massive,
Rooted in time and impassive.

They talk to me, as I with them;
They are quiet and secretive;
Their fear of humans is intuitive;
And much (I fear) is contemn.
I close my eyes, they talk to me;
I talk to them; we agree.

They play with shadows drawn by light;
Some find them dark and inviting.
Their bark, like wit, is biting;
That heal the imagined slight.
Their tears are leaves that come again:
These giants that live and fen.

07th May 2009
Copyright © SC

Joseph Poewhit 07 May 2009

Trees are alive and have their own language, if were perceptive enough.

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Anjali Sinha 09 May 2009

ahhhhhhhhaaaa! ! ! ! ! ! this story of the greens touched my heart i immediately felt the cool shades of the glades sorrounding me wonderful for my yearning heart -10 anjali

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 09 May 2009

very refreshing and pastoral! excellent in simple way! like Beethoven Sixth Symphony on poetry!

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Fiona Davidson 11 May 2009

Beautiful soothing write...Fi 10+++

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Nooruddeen Mm 13 May 2009

Poetry related to the nature is always great. The imaginary communication with the trees gives a different sweet feel to the reader. Sure, a poet should be a lover of the nature. Beautiful.

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Raj Nandy 13 May 2009

This poem is both lyrical and also philosophical, with a touch of Robert Frost! This is no escapism! It flows form a poet's mind and heart! 10++ - Raj Nandy

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To commune with nature and trees is pure bliss, especially when seeing it through your eyes... 'they play with shadows drawn by light' 'their tears are leaves that come again'. Wonderful poetry. 10 Karin Anderson

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Vidi Writes 11 May 2009

This write up makes me wonder How could one find such an open space To look and feel the tempers of the wood. You are blessed dear poet, You have time and space To stand and watch an amazing life. Very good feel and write. Thank you.

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Catrina Heart 11 May 2009

Beautiful nature poetry a fine communication with in silence...........Fine diction and rhymes, well structured poem...10

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