Act Two Poem by Susan Lacovara

Act Two

Rating: 4.0

Intermission over
Where have you been
The urgency in your voice
On nights when your missing me
Turns tepid and again
You melt away
Quicker than the snow
That remains...
Unlike you..

The opening act
Kept me on the edge of my seat
Hanging on the monologue
Your unspoken dialogue
Watching you work the stage
Hot bodied under the lights
With overture rising
I fell into your crescendo
Thinking I knew the script
And I could figure out the plot

Of late I've been up late
Painting pictures of you
On the ceiling tiles
Practicing how to disguise my smile
Should you pull the curtain back
And begin again, Act Two

Friday, March 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
(03/07/14) He, in the wings, watching her front row wishing...
Anthony Burkett 07 March 2014

Watching with a yearning hope I'm sure... wonderfully penned... delightful in it's feeling of anticipation... Touché to you and your pen dear poet!

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Adeline Foster 03 September 2015

What a lovely poem. I do so revel in its thoughts. Adeline

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Bernard Snyder 18 June 2015

'Painting pictures of you on the ceiing's tiles'... Lol. It is truly my pleasure to have stumbled upon such an incredible writer! You are truly amazing Susan!

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Daniel Brick 12 May 2014

I FELL INTO YOUR CRESCENDO / THINKING I KNEW THIS PLOT. And there go I as well as you, and probably all of the people who will read this poem and nod their heads as I did when they recognize its truth to reality. The metaphor of LIFE AS A STAGE is winningly handled in this poem, because it shows the excitement and joy in the First Act of a new relationship, but also shows it is the Second Act which verifies whether or not these emotions will be amplified, or will wither thru neglect. I would like to think that will happen in this situation! But that may be evidence of how persistent the desire for significant connection is, it's deep in our psyches to hope that even a tenuous beginning will flourish in the end! !

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Mervyn Graham 10 March 2014

I visualize you hanging from a harness arms aching from your painting frenzy while splashing painted smiles on lilywhite ceiling tiles

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Sekharan Pookkat 07 March 2014

Act Two Curtain raises Artist takes his brush begins to paint pictures you again

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