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XiaoKang Ma
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Sadness falls as a meteor

Funeral Of Century(2)

LOL. I hope my english will be better than in (1) .

you still in my mind

When I was thirteen

To sting deep inside your blood –
Should be the best way to remember forever
So that you will never forget –
The pain from memory

Ax Song
My density is chopped up into two parts by an ax.
One part is a clumsy boy like wood.

XiaoKang Ma

Light is the eye of God

XiaoKang Ma
it should be the happyiest one-
if I can take off my eyes-


XiaoKang Ma

transaltion for http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/50-years-ago-2/


Would the wind take them far away?
being fragment in anytime –
the paperman, thin as a lath made in glass


In a dark gloomy night
And the around was blessed with fear and fright

I knew two bricklayers
One named Jack –
Another one named Wang
Jack is Aboriginal, East North Aussie

translation for:
http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/all-i-have-are-words/

Mountain Is Dullness, Too Late To Shout

the mountain top is pared and -
exposes the worn bones on his back

The Night Of Prisoner

马晓康 XiaoKang Ma

No privacy, No trust

A Silent Heart

Though the heart burns with a flame

50 years ago...

50 years ago...

You were here in Pan time
The age of mine is too short to you
The language confused me here
To be traditional or simplified?

Don't Be Upset

Ever, if comes darkness in life

Xiao Kang Biography

Hello! my name is XiaoKang Ma, I am born in ShanDong China in 1992. I am an informal Christian which never be baptized but still believe God. I also like rap, like 2pac and Eminem. Some lyrics of their songs are great with true feeling. I am a shy guy, but wild in writing. My parents are teachers in a high school when I came to this world. My father is a poet which be famous in China around 1980, His name is QiDai Ma. His writing brief is “writing for conscience”. This is also my writing brief. When I was 7, he became a businessman and My childhood was in a very rich family. When I was nearly 15, I went to Australia with a dream to change the world. When I study in year 11, I had organizing a donation for earthquake in China in 2008, When I study in year 11, I really try, go to bed on 3: 00 am everyday. But, good time do not last any longer. In September 2008, my Dad lost in his business and went into jail by set up. My Dad as an innocence man, my family’s asset just go into zero dollars. So that, I have to change my high school from private school to public school. Public school’s rule is more relax. I can try to get more time to do part time job. Life likes this last to June 2013. I had been worked in FISH&CHIPS, House-moving, Butcher, massage, security, garbage classification and bricklayer so on. Someone told me to sell drug or stolen, but I refused. Life is the best poem for poet. The best gift for poet is suffer.5 years hard life made me knows the society better. I do see the shadow under the light. And I do understand how hard a immigrant try to live, all the good or bad Is the reason why I writing poems. In a bad mood, I have a little bite Bulimic, such as 10 Big Mac in 1 meal or 200 dumplings. but I am diet now. Actually, I start to write a poem when I was 8. In Australia, I think here should be a heaven, but not. when I am 18. It’s a rain day. I do have a Indian workmate when I was a bricklayer labourer. We are the last two to pick up everything around workplace. He fainted cause of hypoglycemia I know at the end, and I don’t know which street and which number it is. So that I ask the people lived around me for help. They just drive out me cause of I am in drity shirt. Then I stand in the middle of the road try to stop someone for help, at least 7 cars drive away with “fucking crazy asian.”, until an old lady help me out and make the call for ambulance. I am very bad talent at physical job. In Jun 2013, I went to Deakin university. My family start to support me again.my profession is “game design and development” In 2014, I decided to write all my experience on paper and stop studying in Deakin. Now I am a visitor which doing investigation about second world war in ShanDong China. Here is some picture when I visited the village. This village is named “Dong Liang Zhuang”, mean the broomcorn in East. The villager had against Japanese army with cold weapon, death is 64: 5 2015.03.05)

The Best Poem Of Xiao Kang

Funeral Of Century(1)

XiaoKang Ma
Section 1

Sadness falls as a meteor
Dry the last drop of tear
Desperation, the iron chains
To tie everyone's throat deadly
Brief tortures brief
There is no place for salvation
On the land abandoned by God
In the East, in the East -
Before A hundred years ago
The wind blows the horn
The crow encourages us to commit suicide
Tortoise tries to wake the land up
He is too slow, too slow-
To find the ear of land
Flood water is coming!
Coming from east of the east
Judgment-Day, isn’t it?
To foretell the future
To wait for angry of God
To trouble in huge seas
Now, everyone on this land
Pick up the shovel
Get ready to bury, bury this century
Digging out the truth and false
Never stop! Until we bury ourselves
when the blood is flying in the night
Twinkled is nothing but eye of Satan
Drizzle, Drizzle-
Moisten the thirsty throat selflessly
And expand them inside the chains
Flower breaks off blooming
Grass are ready to be trampled
The sea carries floor water-
In silent tribute with anger and killing
Fly in the sky
Float down the wave
Fell into the ground
A red night, A red night

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