Aarzoo Mehek Poems

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A Rose

I'm a white rose pure and innocent
Pluck me not for your momentary pleasures
Crush me not to be found after years
In the books among the shelves

It's My Heart!

I realised!
there is no place
as beautiful and secure
as my own heart.


Wandering in the the valley of love
Listening to the rustling of autumn leaves
Absorbing the occult dewdrops of solitude
Singing along with the birds

The Master Mind!

We think only We've a manipulative mind
Above us all there is super calculative mind
Who can juggle our life with his mastermind
And still gives a chance to repent and be kind

I Walk Alone...!

I smile till it starts to look fake
I laugh till my heart aches

I crave for my unfulfilled dreams


I have kept my secrets
Locked in the chamber
Of my divine heart
And has handed over

Prisoner Of Desires!

We are the prisoners of our own desires
And we are fond of our own built cages
The day we break free of our inner-selves
Is the day we are a step closer to God

Treasured Moments!

I picked a few random moments
And froze them in my heart
A few affectionate moments
Empty dull moments

I'm Unique

I'm not an ordinary woman
I have my madness
I live with my own perceptions
I'm imperfectly perfect

My Silent Dwelling!

There is a place I go each day
A place where peace resides
I go there to re asses myself
Time ceases when I enter my silent domain

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