Secrets Poem by Aarzoo Mehek


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I have kept my secrets
Locked in the chamber
Of my divine heart
And has handed over
The keys of miseries
To the Lord of truth.

© Aarzoo Mehek.


A marvel! If everyone could do it! Faith and absolute surrender to Him only enable us to hand over " The keys of miseries To the Lord of truth." 5*, without doubt. And MyFavourites

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S H 11 May 2023

Great comment.

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Anil Kumar Panda 05 February 2023

Yeah there is peace in total surrender to Him. Beautifully written. Thanks.

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This poem finds a place in the list of Best Poems of Members on PoemHunter today. Congratulations, Aarzoo. This wonderful poem deserves better place, for sure. I am sure that in the coming days it will reach on top of the list in the coming days.

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This poem of Aarzoo is now ranked #51

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It is always better to keep our miseries to ourselves. Because " सुख के सब साथी दुःख में ना कोई " And confide all our sorrows and pains with His. For He is the only Reliever.. enjoyed the revisit again

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David Wood 17 June 2023

Congratulations Aarzoo, you are now at number 12! !

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Life's secrets are secrets of love as well. Love for Him…

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All our secrets are revealed to us by Him!

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Where are my newer notes, dear PoemHunter?

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