Family Connections Poem by Abderrahmane Dakir

Family Connections

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Our house was small, but it's full, all my family in it,
Men and women cooed, the elders laughed and children played,
Though no one complained or groaned. All like sprightly men.

We had time to tell the longest story enthusiastically,
We had time to savor the delicious homemade food,
We were poor but you came and stayed many months with us.

Now our house is big, but it's empty, all our broken hearts apart,
everyone is busy, everyone hurriedly scribbled a note, excuse me, I'm in hurry,
I reckon our connection was old fashioned, I don't know, I have no idea.

Now you are busy, you couldn't even listen to me,
We haven't time to cook, we go out shamelessly,
We are rich but we scarcely saw each other.
We reluctantly agreed to talk each other casually,

Maybe my poetry and my story don't seem worthwhile to read.
Your bruised treasury is pathetic unless you would be genuinely connected.

Before you would see me in the street and you couldn't recognize my face.
Please say yes to my invitation, I remain faithful to my fertile connection,
Please say yes to my invitation, I'm committed to my huge connection,

We are created all together, to keep in touch with each other,
You Could recover my injured soul, the fatalism would be better again,
I and you Could turn the past into renewed memories at least once again.

Abderrahmane Dakir © 2018

Family Connections
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,families,family,love
Bri Edwards 12 September 2018

(cont.) there are MANY parts of this i have enjoyed. many. but, if you truly feel this way, you have a different outlook on family ties. i do LIKE my four siblings, and one of my cousins and enjoy speaking to them, but we live miles and MILES apart and most of them are in a time zone three hours 'earlier' than mine. ha ha. SEE, i seem to be making excuses, but.........why should i feel any need to make excuses? ? ? i don't! (cont.)

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M Asim Nehal 10 September 2018

Outstanding poem....when we were poor we all were together now that speaks volume about old days and joint families. Now they are rich and prefer nuclear family. So is the truth of this life, How soon a man forgets his past and starts his new life without thinking abt the consequences. A thought provoking poem indeed 10 +++ and thanks for inviting me to read this awesome poem....

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Abderrahmane Dakir 10 September 2018

Thank you Sir for your wonderful opinion.

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 14 September 2018

Now a days people of the same family and neighbours are more and more not knowing each other.The situation is very well depicted in the poem.Like it.10

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Thomas Case 26 March 2023

Nice work vivid and sharp imagery

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Anzelyne shideshe 22 November 2021

A meaningful write keep on

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Thomas Case 15 July 2019

wonderful is so important.

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Really it is something sad happening in today's generation, But we'll expressed.10 p

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Abderrahmane Dakir 10 February 2019

Thanks Vaidyanathan Ram Iyer for reading.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 08 November 2018

Here I read carefully the lines of poem which is about joint family life and changed scenario of nuclear family set ups now accepted world wide. It was a happy thing to live in a joint family where every member contributes his efforts to bring the family ties together and welfare of each other. Now it has became in memories. The poet has done a wonderful creation though this poem. Thanks.

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