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Ugly Legs Of Peacock

Rating: 4.8

Once, I danced;
Under the cloudless canopy,
With a dream of yours,
What a joyous moment it was!
I danced and danced like a peacock,
Thought, you will come....
Ah! panorama of yours', blinded,
Spotting such a joy,
Clouds came and poured,
Cloths were wet but I was dry

I Opened my eyes,
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Sunday, May 19, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: poem
Arif Khan 19 September 2013

EXCELLENT, wonderful poem of love, hope, joy & disappointment

4 3 Reply
Inwalked Bud 29 August 2013

This is a very wonderful poem of love, hope, joy & disappointment..It brought me to the moment as though I were there watching...I enjoyed this very much!

3 3 Reply
Pardaz Aftab 05 November 2013

A great imagination...

3 2 Reply
Ramesh Rai 22 October 2013

very natural n excellent write

3 2 Reply
Ruby Mostazir 17 September 2013

ah i catch you here on contest love to vote on your poem.........Excellent!

3 1 Reply
Abdulrazak Aralimatti 01 January 2016

Lovely flow of words indeed....

2 1 Reply
Darlene Walsh 16 January 2015

Unrequited love, especially when you work so hard to be loved, can cause great pain and sadness.

1 0 Reply
Partha Shaha 24 September 2014

very nice

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Chinedu Dike 23 September 2014

Very catchy title. What a disappointment in the bliss of love! A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. Please have a look at my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Raihana Abdul Jabbar 03 September 2014

Love must hurt. Otherwise it isn't love. Ma sha Allah... Loved the images created..

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