Ahmad Shiddiqi Poems

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A Drop Of A Water

(dedicated to a great poet at poemhunter, Mohammed Al-balushi)

a hard rain
dropped last night

A Fallen Feather

(dedicated to Ms. Dawn Upshaw, a great soprano)

why you so pale?
O fallen feather!

As Love Carries...

I carry within shells
Indescribable feelings
Amidst luscious dreams
I carry unraveling memories

A Healthy Life Aria

who knows?
keep writing!
keep on rhyming!
enjoy your life!

A Fallen Leaf

(dedicated to Ms. Lorraine Hunt, a great mezzo-soprano)

a fallen leaf
hugs the roof

A Cloud Came Down

a cloud came down
and spread over
it kept on coming
closer and closer

ا ل د ّ ا ر ة Andorra

a small landlocked country
eastern Pyrenees mountains
bordered by Spain and France

A Blissful Wish

(dedicated to Mr. Thomas Ad├Ęs, a great conductor and composer)

What make you
So sad and pale

A Diary One (La Isla Bossa Nova)

(dedicated to Fay Slimm, a great poet at poemhunter)

we're just very direct with each other
we give each other information in

A Diary Five (La Isla Mambo)

(dedicated to Ms. Lynda Robson, a poet friend at poemhunter)

by my love-longing for you only
is your heart not softened?