Love Me Poem by Arielle Friese

Love Me

Rating: 3.5

As i sit here and wonder where you are i dream about you and i togethar.

But when i see you don't actually love me it breaks my heart.
Why dont you love me anymore my dear loved one?
It happend so fast you just left me here with no love or hope.

So now i wonder will anyone ever love me again I hope so because i am ready to be loved again

Shaikh Haneef 11 October 2011

Ur man will be very lucky to own you, such an interesting poems.

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Kara Aleid 11 October 2011

This is good i like it, .. Love can always hurt and am sure the right person will come along just right for you.. please check out few of mine many thanks x

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Broken Soul 13 October 2011

i like it. it sounds like what i just went through with my past relationship. you put down what just about everyone can relate to. thats really good

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Shaikh Haneef 14 October 2011

it's awesome poems u will find ur love one day and defiantely ur man would be very lucky to have a girl like u in his life...

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Crimson Love 16 October 2011

Love is so beautiful, yet it can be so painful, but that is the way of love I suppose, beautifully written! :)

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Chidori Storm 21 December 2011

Really touching poem. Don't stop writing.

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 01 November 2011

its good to see your interest dear. please read my poem come lets love again you will get answer for your question. however sincere with feelings good keep it up

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Amber S 21 October 2011

great poem :) i liked it and enjoyed reading it. -Amber

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Devils Favorite Child Blade 21 October 2011

i had feelings like that before

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wow i get a lot of feelings from this

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