Crimson Poem by Arielle Friese


Rating: 4.6

The color of crimson
covers my wrist
as I sit and try to stop it

Why wont it stop did
I slice to deep?
did I hit a vein?

I must have because
my floor is coverd in blood
the room is spinning out
and I am going cold.

The last thing i hear before i went limp
was my moms voice saying why did
she do this to her self

and she doesnt know i di it because of her

Didier Saidi 21 November 2011

i really like this, a lil twist to it

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Shadow Girl 22 November 2011

Great flow of emotion..vivid imagery....sadness..yet calm..nice write. -SG x

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Crimson Love 25 November 2011

Very beautiful and vivid poem. Truly lovely :)

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Dianna Renate Evans 16 December 2011

i love this poem it is very good. keep writing and plzzz stop cutting ur wrist i no it might help get out ur anger but it doesnt make the world a better place

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Vipins Puthooran 16 December 2011

[A true-feel of writing] A g'd poem! ! !

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Star Crossed Lady 31 January 2013

beautifully written. perfectly said.

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~Deana ~ Dotterweich 08 February 2012

Wow such powerful emotions i like :)

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Bonnie Lundgren 05 February 2012

Pain doesn't leave when you hate it Hurt you can control is an illusion Because it always owns you in the end Love is patient, love is kind... He always protects, always hopes, Always perserveres. Love never fails. Prayers for your mom to see What's really going on in you

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Misses Unknown 30 January 2012

i love this poem so much emotion well done keep up the good work

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Lavion Bell 30 January 2012

will writen poem you have real skill put this in a contest because you would win

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