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on snowy branches
the footprints
of a chirping bird

in River Lethe
I drowned my sorrow
that upon my return
to this world of shadow

Ah let me be
invisible to thee
O' world

"And she shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth her fruit in her season; her leaf also shall not wither." (Psalm 1: 3)

In my windblown arid wilderness
a pauper in lands desolate

robed in poetic verse
knit in primordial thought
in Wisdom and in Song
uttered cadence and rune before

Shall we share some wine or tea
explore potentialities
converse of life's complexities
asseverate philosophies


when the winds sing
they remind me
of who I am

from yesterdays
tomorrows come
and hidden seeds
sprout forth their bloom

a raging sea
capsizing our democracy


folded my wings

now higher

infinite expanse
blurs clear sky with wave's edge
fusing mind and sword

is the flowering
of Love

I entered a beggar
in a tenement of mud


Melancholy shamisen
lilting rolling ocean waves
echoes in the seagull's cry
my ear inclines your ancient strains


all's recycled
in the press of Time

the rolling desert of yesterday

From the ancients
to coevals

all the books

An endless carousel it seems
this masquerade of dreams
where wanton pucks and phantoms stray
and shadows dance against the sun

approaching first frost
the fleeing birds leave no trace
handprint touching sky

Let's meet at Appomattox
once again
to walk free
without noose or gun

can be
the rays of sun
each a gauntlet thrown
casting challenges

Keilani Poetry Biography

I was born with a poem upon my tongue.)

The Best Poem Of Keilani Poetry

The Song Of Wind

on snowy branches
the footprints
of a chirping bird

she'll return
when the branches
their emerald sarees air

‘til then
I'll listen to the wind

finding solace
in her whispering song

Keilani Poetry Comments

Rob Lamberton 07 February 2023

Captivating poetry, like a book you can't stop reading! Ever engaging the imagination and the heart. Poetry naturally flowing like a wild and scenic river abundant with life.

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