Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw Poems

1. Nicest Town. 10/31/2003
2. Eclipse.11 August 1999. 11/5/2003
3. My Favourite Hymns. 10/28/2003
4. Tell Me It’s A Dream. 11/3/2003
5. Heavenly Goal. 10/28/2003
6. Whispers. 10/29/2003
7. Ghosts. 10/15/2003
8. Not Very Grand. 10/30/2003
9. Field Fruits 10/31/2003
10. Full Speed. 10/26/2003
11. Dictionary. 11/2/2003
12. Wings. 10/24/2003
13. Hills And Dales. 11/1/2003
14. Not A Clue. 10/20/2003
15. Low And Deep. 10/31/2003
16. Music 2. 10/23/2003
17. My Hand. 11/4/2003
18. Warming Waters. 10/15/2003
19. Not Much Fun. 10/17/2003
20. Tablets And Lotions. 11/1/2003
21. Demonic Faces. 10/21/2003
22. Cursed Cop. 10/26/2003
23. Industrial Dream. 10/28/2003
24. Long, Long Ago. 10/28/2003
25. Lonely Night. 10/29/2003
26. Wings Of Dark. 10/24/2003
27. Steady Comrades, Steady 10/15/2003
28. Teddy Bear. 10/23/2003
29. Gentle Child. 10/22/2003
30. Dear Mother. 10/20/2003
31. This World. 11/4/2003
32. Strangers. 11/2/2003
33. Dawn Chorus. 11/2/2003
34. Morning Star. 11/1/2003
35. Flowers. 10/12/2003
36. Heroes. 11/1/2003
37. Gossips. 10/31/2003
38. Flame. 11/1/2003
39. Derby And Joan. 10/18/2003
40. Sentry. 10/19/2003

Comments about Bernard Shaw

  • Richard Brown (2/25/2018 12:06:00 PM)

    Please can anyone confirm that these poems are by GEORGE Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, or is there another Bernard Shaw poet?

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  • Booboo Yogi (6/25/2014 10:07:00 AM)

    Do these dummies not realize that Shaw has been dead for over 60 years? This is called Comments ABOUT Bernard Shaw, not TO him. Jeez.

  • Claudia Klotz (5/23/2005 3:46:00 AM)

    Hello Mr. Bernard Shaw,
    I´m a pupil of the HLA Graz-Eggenberg. I have been reading your poem 'Teddy Bear' and for a moment I must think of feelings when I was a small girl. I believe this is for instance a feeling which the reader of a poem should have. I mean that you really have the ability to put many true feelings into your poems. And this is admirable. I hope you will always have fun to write poems. Good luck for your future.
    In admiration,
    Claudia Klotz

  • Martina Kocher (2/15/2005 12:48:00 PM)

    Dear Bernard Shaw
    I'm convinced that you are a very good poemwriter. My favourite poems is 'Silvery Moon' because it is so wonderful. I also get every day a poem from your homepage to my e-mail adress and I'm always happy when I can read one of them.
    Martina Kocher HLA Eggenberg

Best Poem of Bernard Shaw

Completely Lost.

Have you ever had that feeling?
That you are completely lost.
Your mind and senses reeling,
As in a dark foreboding frost.
Nothing but nothing is as it seems,
Words like phantoms come and go.
It is as if all the bizarre dreams,
Have turned your brain to snow.
The ticking of the mantelpiece clock,
Cuts the silence like a knife.
Your mind is in a mysterious block,
You ask yourself is this my life.
Perhaps I am just getting old,
Brain and body gone to pot,
Where are the times that I was bold,
And my brain could solve every plot.

Read the full of Completely Lost.

A Dream.

My spirits soar on high,
Inebriated with thoughts so pure.
I now can fly,
Nothing is obscure.
Spiritual healing is taking place,
As I rise to heavens realms.
Beams of joy cover my face,
Nothing can me overwhelm.
I have seen the heavens gates,

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