Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw Poems

1. Tell Me It’s A Dream. 11/3/2003
2. Warming Waters. 10/15/2003
3. Nicest Town. 10/31/2003
4. Eclipse.11 August 1999. 11/5/2003
5. Tablets And Lotions. 11/1/2003
6. Whispers. 10/29/2003
7. Heavenly Goal. 10/28/2003
8. My Favourite Hymns. 10/28/2003
9. Hills And Dales. 11/1/2003
10. Strangers. 11/2/2003
11. Wings. 10/24/2003
12. Industrial Dream. 10/28/2003
13. This World. 11/4/2003
14. Cursed Cop. 10/26/2003
15. Teddy Bear. 10/23/2003
16. Ghosts. 10/15/2003
17. Not Very Grand. 10/30/2003
18. Field Fruits 10/31/2003
19. Full Speed. 10/26/2003
20. Dictionary. 11/2/2003
21. Steady Comrades, Steady 10/15/2003
22. Watery Grave. 10/29/2003
23. Portrait. 10/31/2003
24. Wings Of Dark. 10/24/2003
25. Weather Report. 11/1/2003
26. Heroes. 11/1/2003
27. My Hand. 11/4/2003
28. Santa's Letter. 11/5/2003
29. Music 2. 10/23/2003
30. Ocean. 10/24/2003
31. Not Much Fun. 10/17/2003
32. Demonic Faces. 10/21/2003
33. Sentry. 10/19/2003
34. Not A Clue. 10/20/2003
35. Flowers. 10/12/2003
36. Low And Deep. 10/31/2003
37. Long, Long Ago. 10/28/2003
38. What For? 10/26/2003
39. Lonely Night. 10/29/2003
40. Silvery Moon. 10/31/2003

Comments about Bernard Shaw

  • Richard Brown (2/25/2018 12:06:00 PM)

    Please can anyone confirm that these poems are by GEORGE Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, or is there another Bernard Shaw poet?

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  • Booboo Yogi (6/25/2014 10:07:00 AM)

    Do these dummies not realize that Shaw has been dead for over 60 years? This is called Comments ABOUT Bernard Shaw, not TO him. Jeez.

  • Claudia Klotz (5/23/2005 3:46:00 AM)

    Hello Mr. Bernard Shaw,
    I´m a pupil of the HLA Graz-Eggenberg. I have been reading your poem 'Teddy Bear' and for a moment I must think of feelings when I was a small girl. I believe this is for instance a feeling which the reader of a poem should have. I mean that you really have the ability to put many true feelings into your poems. And this is admirable. I hope you will always have fun to write poems. Good luck for your future.
    In admiration,
    Claudia Klotz

  • Martina Kocher (2/15/2005 12:48:00 PM)

    Dear Bernard Shaw
    I'm convinced that you are a very good poemwriter. My favourite poems is 'Silvery Moon' because it is so wonderful. I also get every day a poem from your homepage to my e-mail adress and I'm always happy when I can read one of them.
    Martina Kocher HLA Eggenberg

Best Poem of Bernard Shaw

A Poem A Day.

I try to write one poem each day,
I never know what I will say.
Be it love for natures blossoms,
Perhaps, a tale about some possums.
Will it touch a chord in your heart?
Encourage you to make a new start!
It may be sad it may be funny
But I will not sell it not for money.
I might write about the Zoo,
Or even something not quite true.
Fantasy is with me a big plus,
No big deal to make a fuss.
My poem may even make you smile,
Then my writing it will have been worthwhile.
It could be a poem that is quite sad.
Would that be so really bad?

Read the full of A Poem A Day.

Not Very Grand.

What shall I write about today?
Nothing comes into my mind,
It seems that I do not have much to say,
Saying nothing is sometimes very kind.

The world goes around in the same old way,
I sit here pondering in my armchair.
Yes sometimes it is better with nothing to say,
To be for once without a care.

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