Love Is All That You Seek Poem by Chandini Jaswal

Love Is All That You Seek

Rating: 5.0

I held thy hand
And far I wanted to go
How sweet is young love
I very well know

Your mention alone, I would start simpering

Quarrels and separations from you, and I would never stop whimpering

Alas! Fate had cast an evil eye
You had a minor oversight
And suffered a terrible fall
And I felt, I had lost all
Seeing you mum,
My heart felt numb

To the new way of life, we both struggled
Multiple tasks, I tried to juggle

I gave up on you, thinking you will never heal
And happiness, with you, I will never feel

You must have thought that I had lost all heart
For in your moments of difficulty, I decided to depart.

You did not utter a word
But I know, you were terribly hurt

"Why did I do that? " I still can't reckon
Comfortable and easy life seem to beckon

Life moved on
Another girl, you decided to marry
And I found my husband in Harry

Compunction, still sometimes makes me melancholy
Whilst you have recovered and are all jolly

Regrets forever remain
But pondering over it is vain,
But now I know- Comfort is not what you need
Love is all that you seek.

Love Is All That You Seek
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy,romance
All seems well until the speaker's beloved meets with a terrible accident. Read the poem to know how she dealt with this trial of her life.
Sylvia Frances Chan 03 February 2020

CONGRATS being chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day last 25 Nov 2019. I have come across this and noticed that I haven't put my felicitations here. I have enjoyed very much, Chandini. Such loveliest poem created. A 10 Topscore. Keep writing, Chandini. Thank you for sharing.

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Chandini Jaswal 12 March 2020

My thanks and appreciation for your kind words ma'am. Coming from you, it means a lot.

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Sandra Feldman 26 November 2019

I don't think you were really in love. If you were, you would not have left him. But everyone does take things differently and there are some who are not ready for that big a sacrifice. In view of this you probably did the right thing The poem is very well written. It describes the situation clearly and sincerely. So glad to see you get the honor of its being chosen as Poem of the Day. I am sure there will be many more excellent poems to come! We'll be looking forward to them.

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Chandini Jaswal 26 November 2019

Thank you for showering so much appreciation on my poems. With such heart warming comments from readers like you, how can anybody stop!

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Chandini Jaswal 26 November 2019

A fair argument Sandra, and like you said, sometimes people are not ready to make sacrifices in life especially for someone else.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 November 2019

Life moved on/Another girl, you decided to marry/And I found my husband in Harry....Wonderful expression! A beautiful poem! Manny congratulations! ! Full marks

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Chandini Jaswal 26 November 2019

Many thanks sir! Glad to know that you liked the poem.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 25 November 2019

A beautiful life song with its ups and downs and at times meaningful compromise. Congrats on poem of the day.

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Chandini Jaswal 25 November 2019

Thank you sir; glad to know that you liked the poem

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Human beings are discontent with what in hand and seek for a bird in the bush and realises that the bird in hand was better. The process creates confessions, regrets apology and the like. But y the time its almost dusk. Congrats being POD

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