Cowboy Ron Williams Poems

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Old Cowboy Ron

Old Cowboy Ron, well, that is me.
I never went to school.
I grew up working on a ranch,
and yet I ain't no fool.

Could You Love Me?

I asked the moon
if you could ever love me.
She did not respond
but just turned kind of green

The Far Horizon Beckons

Friends are most precious, and I've had a few,
And on this website, it's been mostly fun.
Right now I have some other things to do;
Excuse me now, I'll grab my horse and run.

Family History Part 05: Little Eb Makes His Escape

When my great-grandfather,
Ebeneezer Williams was eleven
years old, he was herding a dozen
cattle from one mountain area

Not Yet

Sunset approaching
riding my horse
past the old cemetery
he suddenly stopped short

Be Organized

It's useful to do things
in the same order
every time.

Little Jimmy

A youth called Little Jimmy came
to work at the Bar J,
and when that scrawny kid showed up,
we all just thought, 'No way! '

Conjugal Passion

I hold my wife in sweet embrace
and share a tender kiss,
then gently lead her off to bed
for moments of pure bliss.

The Frog And The Crow

The frog sat by the peaceful pond
and marveled at the frilly frond
but said nothing.

As Old As You Feel

You're only as old as you feel, they say.
There's truth in that saying, for sure.
I've always had strength to work and to play,
but lately? No, not anymore.

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