Old Cowboy Ron Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Old Cowboy Ron

Rating: 3.0

Old Cowboy Ron, well, that is me.
I never went to school.
I grew up working on a ranch,
and yet I ain't no fool.

I had to teach myself to read,
and writing was quite hard,
and though I've practiced quite a bit
I'll never be no bard.

I never tried to write a poem
‘til I had eighty turned.
I don't know naught ‘bout metaphors;
that's stuff I never learned.

Don't talk to me ‘bout similes
or that iambic stuff,
I don't know jack about that crap;
confusing, sure enough.

My words ain't polished, that's for sure.;
my grammar might be rough.
I just write what sounds good to me;
if you don't like it - - tough!

Old Cowboy Ron
Monday, July 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: writing
I know that blank verse and free verse are not the same thing, but that's about all I really know about poetry.What I write, I write for myself. I feel compelled to write. I have only been writing poetry for a couple of weeks. If others like it, that's fine, but if not, that's o.k. I wrote it because it had to come out. It was inside me and I had to free it, no matter how bad it was.
Douglas Scotney 13 July 2020

Keep writing Cowboy...

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Darwin Henry Beuning 14 July 2020

Ron, Very nice! ! To My Poem List.

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Lawrence Beck 15 July 2020

Nicely done! If people aren't happy with what you write, they can stop reading.

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Brian Johnston 15 July 2020

Don't let no bastards beat you down, Ron! It's only castles burning! Ha! In your face poetry but an authentic voice I'm thinking so far!

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Chinedu Dike 29 August 2020

A masterful creation elegantly crafted in a verse with rhythmic splendour. Your diction is a complete delight. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Glen Kappy 17 February 2024

Fun, Ron! -Glen

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Terence Craddock 11 January 2024

This is a beautiful delightful poem Ron, the kind that tells a story and brings a smile to the face. Therefore unlike some poetic styles enjoyed by many. I loved your verse.

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Bri Edwards 13 March 2023

5 stars, ....even though this is not true: 'I'll never be no bard. Ron, you are and shall always remain 'no bard', pard. As for types of poems and symbolism, I don't understand that stuff either. So there! ! bri ;)

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Jim McGill 14 January 2023

Great. That's how i write. Keep it up.

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Richard Wlodarski 11 March 2022

Better late than never! Love your wholesome style of writing! Awesome 5 stars!

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