Conjugal Passion Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Conjugal Passion

Rating: 4.6

I hold my wife in sweet embrace
and share a tender kiss,
then gently lead her off to bed
for moments of pure bliss.

Then desolation rips my heart;
my eyes fill up with tears.
My dream has ended far too soon;
my wife's been gone for years.

LeeAnn Azzopardi 22 May 2022

It must have been a beautiful romance that everyone wants

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Kim Barney 22 May 2022

Welcome back, Cowboy! Excellent poem for your return. Chuck-full of emotion!

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Smoky Hoss 26 May 2022

With words of wonder you've pictured love, with it's glory and pathos, so incredibly well. Love lives forever, sadly, lovers do not. Yet, perhaps, in somewhere beyond the here and now, love lives on, awaiting the final and forever restoration of togetherness. Great poem pard.

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Bri Edwards 26 May 2022

Ron, I love it. 5 stars and 5 stares if it were a movie. Good Luck on All Poetry. I see an 'Conjugal Breakfast' poem on PH as well but have not read it (yet) . Yummy? bri ;)

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M. Asim Nehal 23 May 2022

Sweet memories re-lived. Heartfelt poem. Full******

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Nabakishore Dash 23 May 2022

Beautiful memory of conjugal life, but sad touch beacause of her bereavement.

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You are a great human being, a great lover to have loved her so much..So that you love your better half, years after she left this world. How lucky she has been to have you as her partner. Great poem. Top score

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