The Far Horizon Beckons Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

The Far Horizon Beckons

Rating: 4.4

Friends are most precious, and I've had a few,
And on this website, it's been mostly fun.
Right now I have some other things to do;
Excuse me now, I'll grab my horse and run.
Will I come back some day? I'll have to see.
Each day I live to me's a precious prize.
Let no one here dare shed a tear for me;
Let all remain with dry and tearless eyes.
May all of you receive the very best;
Your happiness is all that I desire.
Please do your best to always pass the test
And throw your useless cares into the fire.
Loud be your praises to the God above.
So long, my friends; I'll think of you with love.

The Far Horizon Beckons
Acrostic Shakespearean sonnet
Kim Barney 23 March 2022

Cowboy, if you really are saying goodbye, you have done it in style. This acrostic Shakespearean sonnet is truly a masterpiece. Happy trails, my friend, and five stars to put in your lonely sky!

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M. Asim Nehal 24 March 2022

Friends are the jewels of our lives...5****

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Nabakishore Dash 25 March 2022

I am very happy that you love us all.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 24 March 2022

You dont know what sonnets are. Stick to your horsy poems.

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Rhonda Murray Smith 25 March 2022

Daddy, everybody knows that's really you, and not Dillip Swain. It has the wrong picture for him, and if they click on it, will it lead back to the real Dillip and his poems? Of course not. Everyone, I apologize for my dad.

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Susan Williams 16 April 2022

turn that horse of yours around right now, my friend, this site will be too lonesome without you---really, who am I going to write my songs to horses for? seriously, this site will be way too lonesome without you

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Hi Dear poet, a farewell in inimitable fashion. Loved the mention to passion to poetry and friendship you had enjoyed on PoemHunter.

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Susan Williams 07 April 2022

Cowboy, get your talented ___ back here right now... don't make me saddle up and ride our there in the plains and the forests looking for my good and valued friend...

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Bri Edwards 05 April 2022

This, by my friend Ron, will be among my most favorite poems anywhere. Come back when and if you feel like it; you will be missed. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 05 April 2022

Their has been 'evidence' recently that someone may be masquerading as Swain. : ( bri

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