Be Organized Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Be Organized

Rating: 4.9

It's useful to do things
in the same order
every time.

For example,
whenever I get in my car,
these things are invariable:

1. I buckle my seat belt.
2. I reach for my car keys.
3. I realize I can't get
my car keys out of my pocket
with the seat belt fastened.
4. I unbuckle my seat belt.

And you can probably guess
how it goes from there.

Captain Cur 05 February 2021

Now if you were on your horse, you would not need a seat belt or be fumbling for your keys. Just say Giddy Up!

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Indira Renganathan 05 February 2021

An unusual subject chosen for poetry...indeed an interesting write..5 *****

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Sylvia Frances Chan 05 February 2021

Good poem, Ron Sir! I do understand what you meant here. Yes! So it must be.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 05 February 2021

Useful, organised and humorous too! Enjoyed reading.

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Smoky Hoss 19 July 2022

By thunder, I think you and I are riding the same horse... I do that all the time! Hilarious.

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Linda Bella Wassermeister 15 January 2022

I can't ever read this without laughing!

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David Wood 16 December 2021

In my misspent youth I flew light aircraft and gliders, they had cockpit checks and walk around the aircraft checks and you had a written list to check. Gliders we're easy, controls, instruments, spoilers, trim, release and straps.

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Bri Edwards 16 December 2021

Hey, Ron, how was your stay in Intensive Care at the hospital? bri ;)

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Cowboy Ron Williams 19 January 2022

Huh? Whaddaya mean?

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 September 2021

Useful information...........5 stars

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