Little Jimmy Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Little Jimmy

Rating: 5.0

A youth called Little Jimmy came
to work at the Bar J,
and when that scrawny kid showed up,
we all just thought, 'No way! '

You've never seen a thinner boy,
‘cept maybe on TV
on those commercials where they show
some helpless refugee.

He did his best, though, I'll say that;
that youngster really tried,
but as the days went on we found
that poor boy couldn't ride.

He couldn't sit on any horse
and stay there on the seat.
He couldn't do most things we do;
all he could do was eat!

As time went on, the kid worked hard
and finally became
a worker we could be fond of,
and proud to hear his name.

Then at the roundup in the fall,
while riding with the pack,
young Jimmy slipped right off his horse
and fell flat on his back.

He would have been all right, but then
the herd began to race
and scrambled all around that boy
and stomped him in the face.

We buried him next day, but how
I wish I could forget!
Much more than thirty years have passed
but still… I haven't yet.

Little Jimmy
Some memories linger unwanted… Rest in peace, Jimmy. You grew up before you went down.
Kim Barney 08 March 2022

Tugs at my heartstrings, partner. Well written! Five stars.

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Jayne Davies 08 March 2022

How sad x Thank you for sharing x

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Cowboy Ron Williams 09 March 2022

Thank you, Jayne. Is the 'period' key broken on your keyboard, or are those X's kisses for me?

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David Wood 08 March 2022

So sad but well expressed with feelings.

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Rebecca Navarre 12 March 2022

Very true some memories as such are hard to forget. Such a heart felt poem! .. Written with beautiful condolences/Poets notes! .. Beyond #'s.........................

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Rob Lamberton 16 November 2022

Unwanted twists in the trail that teach us a thing or two. We all get some sand in our eye on this cowboy ride.

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Susan Williams 07 April 2022

well,4 stars would be staring down at Jimmy; s grave but there is no star option... so here's some stars anyway ***********

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Susan Williams 07 April 2022

5 new stars dot the sky over Jimmy's grave

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Susan Williams 07 April 2022

Oh, you took me down a dark path with that one. It is well constructed and reads easy but it made me sad, my friend,

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Smoky Hoss 23 March 2022

Sounds like Jimmy lives on pard, forever in your heart. Great poem.

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