Family History Part 05: Little Eb Makes His Escape Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Family History Part 05: Little Eb Makes His Escape

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When my great-grandfather,
Ebeneezer Williams was eleven
years old, he was herding a dozen
cattle from one mountain area
to another where there was better
feed, and he was surrounded by
a band of Indians.

I never found out what tribe they
were. Some sources said Apache,
but other of my relatives insist that
they were Utes.

In any case, they bound his hands
with rawhide rope and forced him
to march along with them as they
proceeded to drive their stolen
cattle far away from where they
had taken them.

Young 'Eb', as he was called,
did not understand anything
they said to him, as none
apparently spoke any English,
but he had nothing but bad feelings
about their intentions for him.

Escape seemed impossible, but
Eb decided that perhaps death
would be better than whatever
they had in store for him.

The trail they followed led near
a river, swollen and rushing from
a recent springtime rain. Eb waited
for the right time, and when a
cougar suddenly screamed from
the forest away from the river,
and all his captors looked in
that direction, he leaped into
the rushing river.

He did not expect to survive,
as his hands were still bound,
but as he was swept downstream,
in just a few seconds, the water
loosened the rawhide and he was
able to get his wrists free.

By the time he got his head
above water, the cattle and
his captors were no longer

His knee and his shoulder
had been banged against
some big rocks before his
hands got free, but he was
otherwise all right.

A couple of miles downstream,
he was able to crawl out of the
river and make his way back
to the homestead.

Their cattle were never recovered,
but the family was thrilled that
Eb was back home and safe.

Family History Part 05: Little Eb Makes His Escape
I don't pretend that this is a poem, but I figured that this was as good a way as any to pass on my family history to my grandchildren!
Cowboy Ron Williams 26 August 2020

Thank goodness for that cougar!

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Varsha M 18 October 2020

Yes that is really true. That is how miraculous escapes happen. I really enjoyed this story. Beautiful.

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Quoth Theraven 02 September 2020

Harrowing story., reminds me of John " Liver-Eating" Johnson aka John Jeremiah Garrison Johnston. The Crow know of his deeds.

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Mahtab Bangalee 02 September 2020

By the time he got his head above water, the cattle and his captors were no longer is the name of struggle; time after time, moment after moments there come a lot of physical and mental wars in life; who defeats all difficulties, dilemma, critical situation and makes the moment favorable to live S/He is winner in live.....superb poem penned on realistic life;

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Belle Wassermeister 02 September 2020

Fantastic story, Cowboy! Congratulations on Poem of the Day! Wow! What an honor! Your account has only been active for what - - two months or so? I've been here over a year and it has never happened to me! You seem to have a natural talent.

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Susan Williams 14 November 2023

enjoyed this glimpse of history --I wish my grands had lived long enough to share their life stories with me--in poetic format or not! thank you for sharing

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Richard Wlodarski 01 November 2023

And now you've passed on a chapter of your family's history to us grateful readers. What a miraculous story! Thoroughly enjoyed this very worthy POD! Congratulations, Cowboy Ron on that honour!

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Bharati Nayak 01 November 2023

Congratulations Cowboy Ron Williams for your poem being selected Poem of the Day for the second time!

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Belle Ringer 01 November 2023

You've made a sale; fantastic tale! I bought it all the way! This has been chosen to spotlight the second time today!

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Kim Barney 01 November 2023

Ron, HUGE congratulations! ONCE AGAIN, this poem has been chosen, not as MEMBER poem of the day, but as THE poem of the day! A wonderful story, and you told it well!

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