Dayle Gaylin

Dayle Gaylin Poems

1. Samantha Marie Gaylin 1/1/2005
2. The Thoughts Of A Girl 1/1/2005
3. The Joys Of Love 1/1/2005
4. The Past Holds The Memories 1/1/2005
5. That Favorite Song 1/5/2005
6. See The Light 1/19/2005
7. Unrecorded By Time 2/6/2005
8. Queen Of The Land 1/1/2005
9. What Kind Of Fool Am I 1/1/2005
10. Just Thoughts 7/30/2005
11. If I Could Release Myself 7/30/2005
12. Magical Power Of Love 1/1/2005
13. Days To Pass 1/1/2005
14. What A Beautiful Day 1/1/2005
15. Just Us 1/1/2005
16. Winters Gift 1/1/2005
17. Going Crazy 1/1/2005
18. What Is Beauty To You? 1/1/2005
19. As We Become One 1/1/2005

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Best Poem of Dayle Gaylin

Going Crazy

Time is of the essence, in the world that I’m in.
I’m confused, bewildered - don’t know where to begin.
It’s like a maze, a game, or maybe a trap.
You don’t know where you’re going, or where you’re at.

So, you run around blind. Knowing not how or who.
Looking for answers, or even a clue.
As to why you’re here, or why you’re there?
Why you love, or why you care?

Who you are, and how ya been?
Where’d it start, and how’d it end?
It’s mad, it’s crazy. It’s even sick.
So, if you have the answers, please tell be quick!

Cause, oh baby!
I’m ...

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The Joys Of Love

Ah – the joys of love.
What marvelous ventures await us?
Sailing off into a dream.
Hunting for what treasures may bring.

Shooting out toward a star.
Getting dumped in a bar?
Releasing the heart, entrapping the beast.
But what does it get you? Ulcers, at lease!