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1. Samantha Marie Gaylin 1/1/2005
2. The Thoughts Of A Girl 1/1/2005
3. What A Beautiful Day 1/1/2005
4. The Joys Of Love 1/1/2005
5. The Past Holds The Memories 1/1/2005
6. That Favorite Song 1/5/2005
7. What Is Beauty To You? 1/1/2005
8. What Kind Of Fool Am I 1/1/2005
9. Winters Gift 1/1/2005
10. See The Light 1/19/2005
11. Unrecorded By Time 2/6/2005
12. Queen Of The Land 1/1/2005
13. Just Thoughts 7/30/2005
14. If I Could Release Myself 7/30/2005
15. Magical Power Of Love 1/1/2005
16. Days To Pass 1/1/2005
17. Going Crazy 1/1/2005
18. Just Us 1/1/2005
19. As We Become One 1/1/2005

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As We Become One

For my wife Brenda

The time has come for us to stand before God
And unite as husband and wife
Take the vows of marriage true to our hearts
And honor each other for life
Stand before witness and all of mankind
Reaching out to each other with love
Asking for a blessing for our marriage long last
And asking for that blessing from God above
For as God made the moon, the sun and the sea
With the nights for the moon as the days with the sun
So he also made you, my love, for me
For there you stand as we become one

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What A Beautiful Day

Rain dances at the window seal,
getting my attention
as I read the newspaper by the evening fire.
Looking out,
I see the raindrops,
dripping from the leaves,
falling endless, one after another, to the ground.
Lying on the couch,
I look up at the ceiling and listen to the rain,

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