Sick Love Poem by Delicate Heart

Sick Love

Rating: 3.8

My pillow is so wet,
my eyes are too red.
my soul is wounded and hurt,
I shouldn't have listened to my heart's alert.
I am a victim of love,
I am weak, I'm a dove.
scold me, hang me and shoot me to death,
I am sorry I have fallen in your love in this earth.
stretch your delicate hands, pluck out that damned heart,
Burn it, melt like ice and take it apart.
Purified heart, only then I can stop loving you,
You are a snapshot of heaven's view.
I cann't take my eyes from yours,
you're the one I chose.
I'll love you now and after I am not alive,
Your lovely smile inspires me my whole life.
I am crazy about your eyes,
that have many ties to heaven and skies.
free your soul, let it embrace mine,
This is how I felt when I met u the first time.
When I experience the softness of your rosy lips,
my heart goes out of my chest and slips.
you're the perfect combination of sexy and cute,
Hold my hand warmly and let's take our fated route.
I am old, a worn-out patient.
Hold me so tight, you're my last love station.
Whisper in my ear.
Let me enjoy and hear,
the soft sound of your voice,
love me, hold me and rejoice.

Monday, June 8, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Rae Sinclair 08 June 2009

this is an amazing poem..i can actually feel all of these feelings. i really like this.

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James Mclain 08 June 2009

I see much through the hair on this is a fair thigh unknown by brand to sight..she it sees is grace on one bent touch a flame..iip

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wonderful write with some cool rhymes

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Rey Sanidad 08 June 2009

It is more like a narrative poem. Great composition though.

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Aryabod Siharyvani 08 June 2009

Great poem nice Wards keep on good writing 10+++

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Shania K. Younce 12 July 2014

This poem has a smooth flow. The iagery is quite clear. I enjoyed the read. Bien!

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Jessica Dehn 10 July 2014

Well done. you have don a wonderful job expressing you feeling.

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Binish Cd 06 January 2012

a well written poem about a lovely relationship.........

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Anjali Sinha 26 November 2009

good poem nicely penned! ! ! !

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Andrew Blakemore 29 July 2009

A lovely poem and tenderly written, very well done. Best wishes, Andrew

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