To This World Of Dying Humanity Poem by Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

To This World Of Dying Humanity

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The starter was served awfully before than-
You arrived;
The end is way afar yet.
And you have already relinquished;
All your days of juvenile hopes,
And all your nights of wet dreams.

Strippers, Dancers and Hookers,
While awake or asleep;
Money, Money and Money…
Professors, Doctors and Philosophers,
In the ears of their confused minds;
Money, Money and Money…
Priests, Pandits and Sheikhs,
In the abodes of their delusional holiness;
Money, Money and Money…
Artists, Poets and Thinkers,
To an imagery of their animated desires;
Money, Money and Money…
Revolutionists, Extremists and Politicians,
In the minds of the naive adolescence;
Money, Money and Money…

Why are you saying so?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you not one of us?
We got you;
You penniless filth,
You say things about Money;
Can’t get it any more…
You were like us;
Crying, whispering, praying, talking and shouting for
Money, Money and Money…

Listen to me;
My brothers and sisters,
For I would not speak again.
Who is one like you;
Is no different,
From your own flesh and blood.
Which runs through your veins,
And which you don’t even mind to eat;
When ravenous.
Lend me your ears;
My brothers and sisters,
For I would not speak again.
Do not misjudge me,
And do not deny me;
As I am one of you.
This world is a false metaphor;
Created millions of years back,
With the darkness of Light.
An examination venue,
Designed like a ball room;
Where men and women,
Come; make pairs, dance and leave.
But before leaving;
They are acknowledged with a testimony,
Of their orgasmic love;
In the form of the angelic divinity.

Men and Women of our mother earth;
Here creeps an illusive ambiguity-
If we all were angels once;
And if we were nothing,
But a part of eternal divinity-
Why we have become devils today?
Needs, Desires, Beliefs, Hatreds, and underneath all;
Our Ego…

I am neither a prophet nor a saint,
I am like you, just an ordinary man;
I know nothing,
Except the internal fact;
And that is what you fear to listen-
If you can kill your Ego,
For another man or woman;
If you can sacrifice your inner-self,
For the sake of the other soul;
You can salvage,
The Spirit Forfeited;
And you can retrieve,
The Paradise Lost;
On this planet of living misery,
And in this world of dying humanity.

Nov 24,2008

Aijaz Asif 24 November 2008

what a coincidence before reading your poem i was listening to Kalam of Bulle Shah sung by Abida Parveen....To be very honest with you Shah Sahib....its a marvellous and inspiring write with lots of messages and yes you are absolutely right about the thoughts of the people now a days, but what to do things are in not our hands any more or may be they are, but we are avoiding it deleberately...its a quite long write but truely i loved it 10+++ for this couragous write...thanks for shring rgds asif

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Very different! You have talent!

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I love how you expressed this poem so well.. I love the questions you have asked in this poem also.. Great piece

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Seema Chowdhury 24 November 2008

a very nice and thought provoking poem. i am surprised to see tht as this tender age you are so mature in your thinking and writing. well done keep it up.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 24 November 2008

The poem is like Sermon on the Mount.

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Min Sia 08 December 2008

WOW! The revelation..with such powerful emotions! The expression..such interpretation..very exquisite! Superb! One of the best!

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Malini Kadir 02 December 2008

It is an outpouring of true feelings and underling the EGO as the cause for all strife inthis very nice to read....deserves more than 10

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Reshma Ramesh 29 November 2008

this one is a great one............well done............! ! 10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 28 November 2008

This is a materpiece of great thoughts and expressions. Terrific piece Bhayya. I can write a thousand pages praising this great piece. Heart warming poem. I hope a day comes when we all like like one family in the lap of Mother Earth. Wow! What a piece bhayya!

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Kesav Easwaran 25 November 2008

there is depth in your poetry...good lingo and sweet fluent flow...good message you bring in here...10

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