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Give Me Romance Everytime

Rating: 4.1

Maybe a little romance is needed
Lightening our days in all this grey
To place a smile on our faces

You can't have too much romance
In a life that's filled with sadness
Making us laugh with pleasure

Give me romance to dazzle me
To make my heart sing out loud

And make me feel I'm alive
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Cindy Kreiner Sera 10 June 2009

Romance is what we all need, a little goes a long way and will only grow deeper, lets make it happen Thanks - for the message.

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Sue Sie 09 June 2009

A superb poem the first time I saw it...and I will reiterate my comment from then.... Excellent content on the feelings and emotions that involve love and all it means...We all need a little romance in our lives and this great poem says it all....A great write...10+++++++++ Sue

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T McH 09 June 2009

BRING IT ON. YAY FOR FI! ! ! ! t x

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I'm all for romance - so much better than angst, though most of us find our share of each over time, so yes, carry on lightening our days with romantic pieces :)

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 18 June 2009

Whether ideological or real, romance keeps us alive. Nice poem, Fiona. Beautiful and lyrical. Naseer

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V. Harindhar Reddy 07 April 2020

Give me romance, make me blush and smile oh feelings rush, deal with them hard and soft. Romantic

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 February 2018

A beautiful romantic poem! My favorite lines: Give me romantic words and deeds/So pleasing to my eyes and ears/Make me happy for a little while.....I liked the lucidity of your expression! (I vote it....10) .

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The river of romance here refreshingly runs and flows like a fountain!

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Aaroon Ela 11 February 2010

Hello Fiona Believe me i am so content and being revived, this the kind of poem i like much, full of romanticism and animation. Love you Fiona for that and please continue. Aaroon Tripoli, Libya

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Matt Mooney 02 September 2009

Agreed. Is romance the result of thought and consideration or a spontaneous action or an ambience in which we suddenly find ourselves? . Read my little contribution to the world of romance 'Montmartre'.

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