Heart Beat Poem by Fiona Davidson

Heart Beat

The heavens explode around us
As we fall into the arms of love
Diamonds sprinkle your hair
With the sparkle of starlight

Passions echoes in our ears
As we lie here beneath the skies
Fingers reach to touch skin
Exploring unchartered waters

Caressed by the fates desire rises
In homage to the pure love we feel
Eyes drink long and deep of emotion
Diving into crystal pools of honesty

We rise and fall with the heart beat
That drives us all to find soul-mates

Tsira Goge 23 September 2009

Eyes drink long and deep of emotion Diving into crystal pools of honesty. .................................................... Good phrase, my dear Fi... 10... Best wishes, Tsira

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Sandra Martyres 23 September 2009

Heart Beat is another one of your beautiful romantic poems replete with exquisite imagery.......10 of course

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Stephen Magill 07 October 2009

Anam Cara, what a beautiful thought.

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Sue Sie 24 September 2009

Truely, superb write.....Somehow with a magical 'air' to it....all you need for a loving heart beat.....excellent! ! .....Sue x

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maggie murray 23 September 2009

beautiful Fi....loved this one...Maggie

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Carl Harris 23 September 2009

This is a very lovely, sensual, and beautifully expressed romantic poem, Fi, one that was a great pleasure to read. I felt as if I could actually feel your imagery in this wonderful write! Carl.

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Carol Gall 23 September 2009

reminds me of the song verse cant you hear my heatbeat lovely fi

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Fiona Davidson

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