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Back To Me

Rating: 5.0

its the ultimate day.
i haven't imagined that
our friendship will end this way.
you said 'its end'.
you said 'bye forever'
ohh friend..

i want to cry
but tears have dried up.
whats my fault? tell me why?

i believe in miracles,
i trust almighty.
one day i know
you will be back to me.

for my once very close friend.
we are still friends but the charm is lost.
we had quarrel & not properly sorted out yet.
Heather Wilkins 01 July 2013

sometimes friendship can end this way. return to yesterday is good

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~ Jenie~ 27 June 2013

hope you get back the friend nice poetry

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Survi Sharma 25 June 2013

so sad to your friend do you patch up now dear

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Vishal Sharma 25 June 2013

paining and longing i have felt over the poem

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 25 June 2013

Pains produce poems. Keep up your lovely write Jenie.

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Soulful Heart 03 March 2016

plea, hope, perplexity all in one....nice n sweet....keep up

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 December 2015

Love and pain! Very common in life; but, there is hope ahead. Nice work.

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Shania K. Younce 05 October 2013

What a very pretty poem. You've caught my eye. Bien! Well done.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 07 July 2013

You must know that problems are guidelines not stop signs, both of you. In life you sometimes fight with your loved ones, its natural and doesn't mean you don't love each other but pride is a problem and fools live a solitery lives because of pride, be wise and swallow your pride and sort things out with your dear friend. Nice poem. Siya_! !

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Tripsha Ghosh 04 July 2013

Heart touching love it

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