Why Be 'The Next'? Poem by JENIE FRANKSAY

Why Be 'The Next'?

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in life we get compliments.
feedbacks and comments.
they vary.
make us sad or happy.

if people call you
'the next chetan bhagat'
you will be damn happy i bet.
but i wont.

if people call you
'the next tagore'
you'll be on 7th sky i know.
but i wont.

if people say
'you are next agatha christie'
oh what a day it will be.
you may be happy but not me.

why carry 'the next' tag?
why carry other's bag?
we have our own identity.
we have our own personality.

why be 'the next'? ?
we can be the first.
we too can go a long way.
be the first 'you'
and me the first 'franksay'

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Vipins Puthooran 09 July 2013

why be 'the next'? ? you can be the first. you too can go a long way. be the first 'you' and me the first 'franksay' ******************* I wish you all the success! ! ! ! a good one! ! !

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The Moody Blue 09 July 2013

superb, , , , live your life in such a way that when you die the world must cry...

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David Wood 09 July 2013

Be yourself at all times. The greater you are the harder the fall. Contentment makes for a happy poet.

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Anamika Jalan 09 July 2013

inspirational one nice write loved it by heart

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Kavya . 10 July 2013

hey good one............with willpower u can surely be the 1st n ppl can refer ur names as the next franksay!

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 31 March 2015

Great. Your ardor for originality is astounding. Yes, why be the ' next something' when I can be I and yet succeed. Thanks for the enthusiasm you have injected into us with this poem. (10)

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James Mclain 11 July 2013

for a complete comments as you said eb then flo who needs insurance when you flow....iip

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 10 July 2013

Ha ha ha! Just as I was to say that this lovely poem sounds like _Soul's poems... Nice thinking young friend, you are you, original you, just you not the duplicate of someone else...I like your spirit, bravo...10++ Siya_! !

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Hans Vr 10 July 2013

Brilliant way of thinking. Just be ourselves; we are all so unique. Many great people have been a source of inspiration to me but we cannot become them. Excellent work.

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Unwritten Soul 10 July 2013

Feel good with your confidence here, you know....this poem sounded like inner me...you have good way telling this in nice presentation! _Soul

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