An Untold Story Poem by Jinal Oswal

An Untold Story

Rating: 5.0

Everything around me is telling me an untold story
The winds ask me to approach you
The flowers ask me to woo you
The water suggests me that I am stable and I can do it
The dreams ask me to dare and fly with you
My eyes say that they want to see you every time they open
My hands want that you be the only one whom they hold
My legs what to walk to you, only you
My lips, they want to whisper those secret words to you
My ears, long to hear you
Come to me my dear, and you will hear the heart beat……. It's beating for you! ! ! !

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Sharad Juneja 12 April 2012

Now these words emerge when someone is in love.......n distances r thr or whn someone really wants to fall in luv.....nice write

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Hans Vr 12 April 2012

This is a wonderful love poem, Jinal. very nicely written. Wish your dreams come true

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The 4am Poet Worm 23 May 2012

Romantic is wrong word i think... Enchanting i think.... [3

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The 4am Poet Worm 23 May 2012

Romantic is the wrong word.......... Enchanting and delightfully written.... [3

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Rekha Mandagere 24 April 2012

It is highly romantic and inspiring as well! Nice theme and lovely feelings are displayed.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 14 April 2012

Wow! my friend, are inlove sister! wish that, that love meets you halfway, and your hearts to beat together as one..lovely love poem Jinal.

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Unwritten Soul 13 April 2012

Your mind and soul, now under arrest by the love pull the string in each part of you to find the source of beat's a sweet and nice poem's a splash of your heart piece_Unwritten Soul

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