Who Am I? Poem by Kelvin Owusu

Who Am I?

Rating: 4.4

I am all that is taken for granted
the essence of beauty and destruction
the fall of autumn leaves
lay dormant in winter and bloom in spring

I am the master of terraforming
The infinite colours in and after the rain
I am all that is and that is not inhabited
I am history, earthly, shelter an ageless wonder

I am all that is green on this earth
the wonders of the forest
the cause of natural disasters
I am what you abuse and pollute

wrote this piece after reading (Everything I Am - Gwenevere Cornwell) my piece not as good as her's but it was fun my own, if you have time search her up
Unwritten Soul 04 December 2012

I like the eyes on you bouncing back at you to look the strength as who you are...it is a great write, dont have to compare your work with others because you made it original, beautiful as your own_Soul

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 04 December 2012

Who am i, and who can i be? so brilliant and fine Gute my friend.

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Tunji Ibrahim 04 December 2012

Nothing is better at antithesis than nature itself. Ethically, you have given yourself away to nature and the diction is peculiarly exact and concise. From start to finish, the imagery is beautifully beautiful. Of your poems, thus far, here comes the best if my evaluation is anything to go by.

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Nader Baheri 05 December 2012

magnificent. you have another poem named (who am i) i remember that and this one is as beautiful as previous one. i like the contradictions in the first part.so marvelous. cheers~nb

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Gwenevere Cornwell 05 December 2012

I love this poem. It has beautiful imagery. I get the feeling of mother earth sending a message to everyone. Letting them know how cruel they can be to such a beautiful phenomenon. G

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 30 September 2014

time to discover who am i and what we understand myself in course of time........... beautiful Kevin.......well penned - Musfiq

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Adeline Foster 17 October 2013

Interesting subject for the theme title. I too have written one with this title, but I have come to it from a completely different angle. Mine of this subject is entitled - Ode to the Earth - please read and you may chuckle. Adeline

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Stevens Cadet 07 January 2013

I thought of Earth while reading this....

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Kanav Justa 24 December 2012

great poem kelvin, , , , , , keep up...

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Ilaria Boffa 24 December 2012

this piece reminds me who we really are when we write... we are infinite.

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