Rise Of The Phoenix Poem by Kelvin Owusu

Rise Of The Phoenix

Rating: 4.3

A dance of the broken
the depletion of a spiritual spark
a flame of a phoenix once constant
now never to rise

Pride misled, a thirst unable to quench
a hunger unsustained, adopted by greed
just a name, seen, preyed upon for a next meal
raped to civilization standard branch
man, spit on a gift made from a strong rib
that plants a gifted seed

A gifted seed sprouts, strong enough to walk
a connection with the rib which gave life
regained a smile, a tear dropp looking
high in the heavens, a beautiful majestic flame
from the ashes the phoenix rises again

Ellias Anderson Jr. 17 September 2012

Well, this work is really good and great. i admire and embrace this poem with my whole existence. you write this work with your fragrant words those just are right and cool. well done Kelvin.

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Gabrielle Marie 17 September 2012

Great poem! With a beauful flow in it and a strong last line.

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$arah Pillai 11 October 2012

this piece gives a lot of food for thought. like it!

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Asif Andalib 18 September 2012

It's somewhat dark to me but it seems it's about an unhappy man when his spouse had a baby he became happy. Anyway I like it.

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 17 September 2012

This piece gives me much to think about. The image of a phoenix is something I need to relate to some other story or myth and your mention of the strong rib that plants a gifted seed is also something that solicits my attention. Is there reference to the Eve and Adam myth? I don't know but this poem leaves room for rich associations. Thanks.

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Stevie Taite 17 September 2012

I read and enjoyed! I have interpreted it to my satisfaction and enjoyed the challenge it gave! A great poem!

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Valerie Dohren 17 September 2012

Great write, love the last stanza.

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