Kumarmani Mahakul Love Poems

Diwali A Festival Of Love And Light

Diwali is a festival of love and light,
Its aim is to live in peace, not in fight.
It is celebrated to recall memory of Lord Ram,
People with sacred body offer God psalm.

Motion Of Morning Love

Beauty's glance has motivated,
Mind of many, many visitors,
Cool breeze catches memory,
Moment of joy is gifted by God.

One Thousand And Three Hundred Seeds Of Love

Ode is given to you oh dear God of love and peace,
By your mercy inside soil, seed grows into a little tree,
Soul incarnates and takes birth as a human being here,
He becomes complete at that time while he attains you.

Immeasurable Love

Immeasurable is the love of mother
Immeasurable is her heart,
Immeasurable is the heart of lover
Impossible to finish its art.

Three Hundred Love Flowers

This beautiful morning sings
Cute sun rises and soon rings
The day has to bloom in noon
Father of heaven gives boon.

Ocean Of Love

Over the universes and multiverses
Above suns, stars, moon and firmaments
Having an aura of intimate attraction
You are there for looking at your creation.

Love Is Filling Light

Your pure love is very sweet
This is filling light in mind
We have realized in this world
Life is cheerful in your memory.

Pure Love Of First Hour

Awake and feel this is first hour,
Every creature has pure power.
Flowers spread fragrance for us,
We have to realize life again thus.

I Love You At Heart

Oh! How sweet your voice is!
Nectar drips down from it,
It delights my heart
With you I want to meet.

We Must Be The Embodiments Of Love

Love is beautiful experience
That makes the world worth living in,
It binds the people of different religion-
Caste, creed and race in a world inn.

Invisible Love Shines

Love is eternal and invisible,
In no way this is again divisible.
Love shines inside heart more,
Budding of love blooms in core.

Invisible Love

Dear Ocean of love in love you build,
With affection to universe you yield.
Field we get to stand with home run,
For lighting world wheel you tell sun.

My Love Is Singing Within

Night is ready to say goodbye
My sleep is going to break day
I am just turning from left, right
Light is ready to come in window.

Morning Love Glows

Look at in to East sky dear
Very lovely the colour is
I am interestingly attached
In search of God in meditation.

Mystical Love Of Magical Day

Wow, wonderful day shines,
With new hope, with new joy,
Light does magic of love,
In sky we see continuity.

Love Is Glowing Light

Little, little it is burning pain
I know there is nothing in gain.
Rain speaks about sparking light
Night is very dark looks bright.

Love Smiles For Luck

Lucky souls we are to get your love,
You are father you give us mercy,
We travel here with eagerness,
We search for true happiness.

Love In Palm

Oh Star! Where are you?
Sun is glazing
I am waiting below sky
I have opened my palm

Love's Imperium

Neither love burns nor cuts,
A balm that heals all illness
Regarding relationship disturbance,
Love is both cold and warm,

Unlimited Love Flies

Knowing that I am eternal soul
I remember you my dear father
You are Super Father oh light
I am a tiny star of light too.

We Love God

A book of a scientist is released!
It is published after his death,
Many questions he has answered
Basing upon his material perception,

Loveness And Love

Love is mysterious and magical flow,
Some may feel, some may touch,
Some may get this love in light,
But magical love has its dignity,

Unified Love

Love is eternal and unified,
This can never be classified.
Love has billion of wings in,
Love is broad not at all thin.

Take Your Bread With Love

My dear children! Eat your bread,
Drink the milk and listen dad instead.
Meet the hunger and quench the thirst,
Offer your food always God to first.

Unite My Love In You

Apart from you who is own?
I have seen relationships
All are temporary of course
Few years we stay together.

Imagined Is Love For Him

A time imagined is love for him,
A day preserved is for him only,
A moment is felt for his grace,
An imagined poem is written soon

Learning The Art Of God's Love

He is God who has created
Trillions of trillions of
Great-great-great universes,
His eternal love defines

Petals Of Love

Love shines everywhere
We notice this everyday
Love blooms as we see
Petals spread fragrance.

Love And Victory In Poetry

Love empowers and strengthens life.
Love gives strength for doing duty.
Time does not return and
Life too does not return,

Love Whispers To Win

At this morning flowers bloom
We get pure light rays in life
Beauty of nature dances sure
In mind love fills new charm.

Love Of Parent

Princee, Aicee are two daughters,
They say, "Father is better".
He love them and adore them,
Their mother has special aim.

Unity Of Love

You define this unity of love
Since eternity I am searching
To recognize life and duty here
We all are adoring you father.

Love Searches

The feelings shake mind reaches,
To the abode our love searches.
Where is he where is he all do ask,
Still with patience we do our task.

Restless In Love

I am restless in your love
I feel glad on remembrance
Getting freshness all around
I find my path to hold on.

Getting Your Love Light

Starting from my eternal life
I know you are my father
I know you love me very much
You wait and come I wait here.

I Feel Your Deep Love

Dear father of heaven you are
I feel your deep love sure
In purity you write love life
I surrender in you every second.

Under Veil Of Love

Under your veil of love
We souls are secure
We live by your grace
We perform drama here.

Rate My Love Dear

Oh dear super lover you rate
You are ocean of light in point
You are infinite love of souls
You rate my love soon I share.

New Day's New Love

Passing a stage of time we rise,
Dusk has gone in past we see dawn.
New day has arrived with a bucket
To share unlimited love here more.

In Rainbow Of My Love

My love is full of light
This reflects many colours
In the prism of my mind
I adore this nice reflection.

Rejuvenate My Love

I am still calm in my mind
As life as fresh rising sun
I hold my rays of love I feel
You come on and paint my mind.

Love Is Lightening

In this amazing sky of hope
Memories are floating more
Like clouds they are flying
Love is lightening in lap.

Love To Live Today

Awake and know soon,
Life is precious God's boon.
You all love to live today,
Tomorrow is unseen you say.

Smiling Love Of Yours

Smiling love of yours does dwell,
Finding this ever we all feel well.
You are mentor and master of all,
By your grace we walk do not fall.

Nectar Of Love Rays

Oh dear merciful creator
The designer of universe
You gift us love infinite
At each moment we get love.

The Love Is Praying

With unlimited doors of mind,
Life is opened for all in wind.
Nature is nurturing in due kind,
Affection has power to soon bind.

Fragrance Of Your Love

Beautiful, beautiful your love is,
Duty we do in your memory ever,
Right path carries us guiding more,
Gliding in way we hope for the best.

Good Morning Oh My Love

My love you are, I adore you,
You rise in East in hope new.
Dew of morning sparks light,
You direct me ever to do right.

Your Love Is Beautiful

Infinite your love is we feel,
Time to time increases zeal.
Night or day gives new way,
Rose blossoms when you say.

Love Is Flowing From East

The glitter is nicely curving,
Memories, time is reserving.
Serving for us in zeal at least,
Mist is washed by light East.

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