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The Song Of Numbers

Rating: 4.8

ONE god created the world
TWO eyes to read the word

THREE daughters for king Lear
FOUR seasons in a year

FIVE fingers in the hand
SIX musicians made a band

SEVEN days in one week
EIGHT boys played hide and seek

NINE planets around the sun
TEN hundred kilos equal a ton

dedicated to the great poet: (HASMUKH AMATHALAL)

february.2009, by: Omar Ibrahim

if you want to use this poem feel free to e-mail me at: (omaribrahim-keats@hotmail.com) before using it.....thanks for reading

Sherbanu Molu 24 November 2009

oh my! what an intelligent BOY! i really think you can do more than this, SO KEEEEEEEEP WRITING! ! ! ! I LUVVV THIS!

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Farah Aliah 17 November 2009

I really like this poem.....creative thinking..10+++++++++++++++

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Maria Shipka 17 November 2009

Yes first poem I read here is so cute....I can to learn it my grandson :)

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Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha 03 November 2009

Great! The poem reminds me of Kindergarten. Like twinkle Twinkle L'il Star. Creativity was employed and learning exhibited. Omar, you are a wonderful poet.

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Helen Vorst 30 October 2009

attractive from the first line. i wish i could became a child once again =)

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Well achieved apart from EIGHT and TEN which I found a little weak!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 August 2010

I really enjoyed this piece.

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Okan Emanet 24 July 2010

Really fabulous! ! ! Really inspirational! ! ! You have given me great thoughts about writing a new poem... Thanks a lot for such a masterpiece

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 28 March 2010

Marvelous! ! ! Original idea of number, seductive.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 December 2009

Beautiful composition …but this numbering different in my mother Land… by 1 Moon 2 Lunar cycle [new moon and full moon] 3 eyes [2 plus third eye] 4 Vedas and so on… Thanks 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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