The Song Of Numbers Poem by omar ibrahim

The Song Of Numbers

Rating: 4.8

ONE god created the world
TWO eyes to read the word

THREE daughters for king Lear
FOUR seasons in a year

FIVE fingers in the hand
SIX musicians made a band

SEVEN days in one week
EIGHT boys played hide and seek

NINE planets around the sun
TEN hundred kilos equal a ton

dedicated to the great poet: (HASMUKH AMATHALAL)

february.2009, by: Omar Ibrahim

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Sarwar Chowdhury 04 September 2009

Fine diction! sweet indeed! excellent! 10+

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 10 September 2009

Wow sweet work! a creative piece deep and intelligent imagery you combine numbers and matters nice is your song of numbers keep it up, break away your talent write other poems, your style is so lovely ......... 10

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Matthew C. L. Pratt 14 September 2009

Very, very ambiguous But very good, nonetheless

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Miriam Maia Padua 22 September 2009

interesting...refreshing very imaginative...creative.. like a nursery song if read with a tone, anybody could love this... 10 lovelots, Maia

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Mae Wiseacre 27 October 2009

Wonderful! I love the thought you put in the numbers!

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Well achieved apart from EIGHT and TEN which I found a little weak!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 13 August 2010

I really enjoyed this piece.

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Okan Emanet 24 July 2010

Really fabulous! ! ! Really inspirational! ! ! You have given me great thoughts about writing a new poem... Thanks a lot for such a masterpiece

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 28 March 2010

Marvelous! ! ! Original idea of number, seductive.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 December 2009

Beautiful composition …but this numbering different in my mother Land… by 1 Moon 2 Lunar cycle [new moon and full moon] 3 eyes [2 plus third eye] 4 Vedas and so on… Thanks 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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omar ibrahim

omar ibrahim

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