Fishing For A Friend Poem by omar ibrahim

Fishing For A Friend

Rating: 3.9

when you go to fish
go fishing for the finest kind
which good anglers always do.

if you're looking for a fine fish
you must choose the purest lake
in which good anglers fish.

if you catch a fine fish
try not to let it get away
good anglers real them in.

you must bring your fish home
a fine fish will quench your hunger
after a long day fishing.

(January,2010, Omar Ibrahim)
(revised by MR.Ronald Peat)

Rex Mathew Mathew 07 May 2010

I liked this poem a lot........nice line structure, nice use of metaphor. one must always choose a good friend, and that too from a good lot. You must keep to them, for they fill you with all joy... the message was very well conveyed. the poem was also short, which made it more good..since most thoughts come more power-packed and solid in short poems...great thought, well expressed...the fishing work was also felt and it lent a light feel to the poem..GREAT! !

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‘good anglers’ [good soul] /‘purest lake’ [good thoughts] /‘fine fish’ [the goal] /‘quench your hunger’…[contentment] I find a deep message …contemplative poem…not just fishing…[vide supra] Voted 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Simiwuna John 01 August 2010

Very nice, i derived a message or two from dis.watever u do, do it well and aim for ur goals, plan on them, the work on bringn then to manifest.

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Marieta Maglas 13 January 2010

a fine fish will quench your hunger after a long day fishing nice reflective poem 10

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Zeinab Sherif 05 February 2010

a good wisdom from now on i'll call u the mind magnet for u attract everyone's mind while reading he's kept focusing on every word said & then quickly goes 2 the next stanza with great enthusiasm & feel sad when the poem ends.10++++++++++++++++++

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Brian Jani 17 May 2014

Omar Nicely layed flows nicely.well done

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Well achieved, strangely menacing end, was that the intent?

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Dave Dafes 11 September 2010

Good poem, Keep it up

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Tshepiso Prayer 09 September 2010

Keep it up, feels like you were talking to me. I'll do so.(fishing for a friend) .

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This is some good advice. I liked alot. :) Izzey Strange

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