Per. Nig.

Per. Nig. Poems

1. Manic Nightingale 1/29/2008
2. Far Far Star 1/26/2010
3. Cocoon 2/13/2010
4. Marmotte 3/17/2010
5. Springtime 3/29/2010
6. Two Determinisms, One Free Will 4/8/2010
7. World 4/17/2010
8. Star-Crossed Lovers 4/22/2010
9. May All Have You 4/25/2010
10. Juvenile Hormone 5/27/2010
11. Two Tacit Thoughts 6/3/2010
12. In The Realm Of Selflessness 7/20/2010
13. From The Old Self To A New 12/19/2010
14. I Call Your Name 12/29/2010
15. Dreams 12/30/2010
16. Waves 1/3/2011
17. Love Seed 1/18/2011
18. My Friend 1/23/2011
19. Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye 2/14/2011
20. The Inner And Outer Reality 2/17/2011
21. The Sublime Beauty Of The Night 2/19/2011
22. God's Color 10/17/2010
23. Just Dream And Do 3/16/2011
24. The Supreme Being Beams On His Being 4/7/2011
25. Scent Of True Love 12/10/2007
26. Emotional Distance 5/27/2011
27. In Loving Memory Of Whitney Houston 2/12/2012
28. Tiny Tweak 3/23/2014
29. Sin 11/7/2015
30. * The Voice Of Conscience * 12/28/2018
31. Nationalism Or Internationalism 3/1/2012
32. To Be A Success 6/13/2012
33. When 'Time' Smells Of You 4/5/2011
34. Fairytale 7/4/2010
35. The Encouragement Of Light 11/13/2010
36. Priceless Price 1/28/2015
37. Platonic Love 8/1/2010
38. Prehistoric Love 2/7/2010
39. Tamed Hearts 6/26/2014
40. Involuntary Tears 11/12/2012

Comments about Per. Nig.

  • Mbj Pancras Mbj Pancras (2/20/2015 1:54:00 AM)

    Dear poet
    I like the line'joyful tears of angels., ..'

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  • Star Girl (7/18/2014 3:35:00 PM)

    your poem i wish you enough was so touching almost like i was reliving my first love, it was like i was in the moment and feeling the feelings all over again, amasing.

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  • Muhammad Javed Zeshan Muhammad Javed Zeshan (11/20/2013 10:53:00 PM)

    really romantic just like your name keep on imagination!

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  • April Rose Sta Cruz (7/27/2009 9:29:00 AM)

    i love all of ur works i will give it all 10

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  • Karin Anderson (sorry can't vote or comment) . (3/14/2009 1:11:00 AM)

    A talented poet who uses imagery to enchant the reader. He has a vast expanse of subjects and a store house of knowledge with which to work from. Karin Anderson

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  • Sandra Fowler (3/9/2009 7:53:00 AM)

    I appreciate the world class lyrics of Persian Nightingale. His music is universally bright,
    his stanzas living proof that brevity is beautiful.

    Warmest regards,

    Sandra Fowler

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    'i felt that i may learn from you
    your school of poetry is so wonderful' By Jihad Thabet

    Thanks Jihad

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    'So many ways to express love and the heartaches and heartbreaks that goes along with it, , read many of your poems very well in Middle east you have good command of the english launguage' By Mittur Ramprasad

    Thanks Mittur

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  • Samantha Williams (12/29/2008 4:21:00 PM)

    I have read every single poem you have written. I love your work. I love how you put so much heart and soul into every thing you write.

    With much love,

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    Dear P.N. I already read most of your creation, you really created your own place in the poet world by your great style. 'By Vinoduk Kumar'

    Thanks Vinoduk

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Best Poem of Per. Nig.

Ardent Love

Be my apostrophe before S
I'll second that motion
The possession beyond space and time
When the nude love swims in our notion

Give me a glass of wine darling
A glass of love potion
No I need more ecstasy
A dropp of your eyes' ocean


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New Year For Me

New year
More compassion
More kindness
More light
More faith
More god
More love
More you
In my blood
On my mind
Every moment
New year for me


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