The Angel Of Freedom Poem by PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE

The Angel Of Freedom

Rating: 4.9

Fell asleep
Without lullaby and tale
Rested in peace
Free from sorrow and jail

The whole journey was a nightmare
A lot of despair blood and gore

Now I’m sure
She is glad and secure
In the sky all things are pure

God sings sweet lullaby to her
Where there're no humanoids
To err

(A Memorial to the oppressed martyr, Neda A.S.)


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Ravi A 25 June 2009

I haven't heard of this martyr. Yet, I can feel her life through your verses. Nice.

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a very beautiful, sad and touching poem...will watch now

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Shashendra Amalshan 27 June 2009

a very beautiful, refreshing, colurful write indeed nightingale... a great sight for the wounded heart! ! ! ! I ll pay you a 10 for this baeutiful peice! ! ! regards shan

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awesome tribute very touching...thanks best regards, jdh

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Sallie Howson 28 June 2009

a song of our times...well done

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it's only in death that we are truly free..make the most of life beautiful tribute to your friend..

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* Sunprincess * 23 July 2014

...........the angel of freedom creates beautiful and peaceful imagery...beautiful write...

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Surayya Abbas 16 July 2009

A beautiful poem nice to read.

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Allan Macli Borges 08 July 2009

dear, it is beautiful! ! ! very touching and writen with truth...10

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Adi Cox 05 July 2009

I like the way this poem ends. It is open ended and invites the reader to ponder all the possible meanings for the word err, in context to what this poem is saying. Humanoids always err. to err is human. err 10/10

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