A Lonesome Lover Poem by PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE

A Lonesome Lover

Rating: 3.2

I'm tired
How much I should cry
How much my heart
Should host the bye

That's enough
Enduring the sadness
Fighting for more or less

How can i sell my heart for free
Why should I simply die
With tearful plea

How lonesome you are in this world
Inconstant world, I don’t want anything
No more

Where is the place of lover
Open my eyes
Show me the true love


Nasreen Dawood 03 May 2009

'Show me true love Uncover'...such strong and true words...you have a unique way of expressing...you have a beautiful mind that sieves such interesting poems...keep writing :)

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Jihad T 17 January 2009

How much my heart Should host the bye what a deep and hidden feeling here in these two lines and other lines you are a really poet not less than 10

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Anjali Sinha 04 October 2008

'Mystics Scientists Where is the place of lover' hey amir soooooooo beautiful theres no place indeed for the lover. ++++++10 anjalie

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... ... 15 May 2008

And I cry! and cry and cry! How sad is to see a lover's lament written in words. Once again, you did a fine job, my nightingale.

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Rani Turton 06 May 2008

The poet throughout the ages has never know where to rest his head...thanks for the fine thoughts expressed in this work.

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Kasia Fedyk 05 June 2012

Oh yes, I have been there, I have been the lonesome heart and letter to God where written for only He can bring this love to me, so i believed day and night, cried the tears of sorrow and hoped that tomorrow he will come and I will see him not with my eyes but with my soul and I have received this precious gift when love became my only life for love was the only thing I new, my heart was full of this love so deep, I felt the heat with every beat, I found myself in paradise, heaven it was for God has brought this love to me for my only soul to see. Thank you I wrote this from inspiration of your poem and it is my true story, Thank you! Love and Light!

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Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'Open my eyes Show me the true love' Rachel Ann Butler

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 June 2009

'Mystics Scientists Where is the place of lover Open my eyes Show me the true love Uncover' Real observation, wonderfully ended. Every relation is conditional.

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Emma Adamyan 19 June 2009

'Oh, Lord... how lonesome u r in this world'......... amazing words, touches from the bottom of one`s heart... u know, i think if those words were sent to a girl, they could be sent to our Lord too... coz sometimes i think, how lonely He must be... but the poem is great, ur lucky to be able to make such thoughts. i wish u success dear friend.

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Shashendra Amalshan 23 May 2009

what can I say I was feeling soo lonely before I came to this site..but now I ve found some great friends....thanks evryone for making my world beautiful...I guess you wont feel alone when you come to poemhunter..fulll of loving beautiful people....and well expressed indeeed...you have expressed your innermost feelings in a touching manner...express you emotions and share them with us with your poetic magic..regards

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