Absolute Certainty Poem by PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE

Absolute Certainty

Rating: 3.1

We are out of our range
Of vision
In search of inspiration for our decision

Our glances exchange
There is only time for a brief gap

The only certainty is change


M M 18 July 2008

Certainty in the incertainty of change... that is a true and deep thought...10!

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Thad Wilk 17 July 2008

The only absolute certainty Is change - on this i can agree! ! *10* Best wishes! Friend Thad

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Tsira Goge 17 July 2008

As have beautifully told my friend... 10... Tsira

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Lynda Robson 17 July 2008

The only certainty is change indeed Nightingale, another profound write from you, thanks,10 Lynda xx

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Alexander Hale 07 March 2009

short and simple and lovely. add this one.

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Ayla Tulip 06 October 2008

No, you cannot reject the change - It's got permission to exist. And you cannot submit revenge, Time is lost and aim is missed... Look, Nightingale, you are speaking the words I was always afraid to say! Where do I put the 10 here? ? ? I mean, I want to. I am New. I've never done it before... Wait, I'll find it... Here it goes: Ten!

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Marvin Brato 30 July 2008

Constant change is certainty in man's life, in death becomes an uncertain being! A 10.

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C T Heart 26 July 2008

a compressed thoughts to look forward to...Life change, revolves, spins through time..........a 10+++.

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Satheesan Rangorath 21 July 2008

Hi Persian Nightingale Good poem in few words. very Foreward looking vision of a poet. Welldone Greetings Satheesan Rangorath

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