Autumn's Lips

Rating: 3.1

Of his toes
Winter stands on the tips
Grazing the treetops
He reads a letter and
Suddenly trips

A spring invitation
In beautiful scented scripts
A message from the ladybird
Who lives among the rose hips

The breeze gives the letter and leaves
As she sees the ice chips
The winter will never come
If you stop kissing
The autumn's lips


Fay Slimm 13 March 2009

This is beautiful metaphor woven into and through your clever wording....... first rate and a 10 from Fay.....

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Alexander Hale 07 March 2009

i like it. i've never read a season poem quite like this one. great write.

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C.R. Clark 21 December 2008

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I do like your imagery of kissing autumn's lips. I really enjoyed the poem. Well done, my friend, well done. A 10 from me. Richard

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Little Morning Star 21 December 2008

autumn is a beautiful days of falling maples I like it and I also like your poem.. great! !

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Delightfully clever...I appreciate your poetic voice... Dorothy C.

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Dr Antony Theodore 28 December 2018

A spring invitation In beautiful scented scripts....... beautiful and very poetic.. you have an endearing heart. thank u. tony

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 24 November 2009

Great personification 'Autumn's lip' Of his toes winter stands on the tip graging the treetops he reads a letter and suddenly trips... Persian Nightingale, you out did yourself with the poem about autumn...vivid images and a fresh perception. A 10, exponentially

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Rachel Butler 19 September 2009

In beautiful scented scripts A message from the ladybird Who lives among the rose hips Rachel Ann Butler

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sky dreams 28 July 2009

i very much enjoyed this... i absolutely love autumn, i can't wait till august is over so autumn can come.. there's nothing better than new england's fall season... great write!

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Marla Speece 15 July 2009

I love the autumn season. The way the leaves changes colors like our eyes when that certain someone makes us tremble.

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