Death(Acrostic) Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man


Rating: 2.6

Pain, is my life
Optimist, is my sight
Evil, is my breath
Missory, is my hope
Heart, is my strength
Useless, is my worth
Nothingness, is my soul
Torn, is my thought
Elusive, is my spirit
Remorse, is my love


Hi, artist! Impressive words used there. Written in a unique and fantastic way! Keep on writing! (Typing)

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well written... very interesting idea to express your thoughts using acrostic style...but is it really acrostic?

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DELETED NOW 18 July 2008

POEMHUNTER! ha I like the Idea it's very good makes me wonder....

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(: God's Wild Child :) 16 July 2008

good poem, but no one should feel that way. anyone who does doesnt try to be happy. life is what u make it.

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good poem, i like all the words you used to show emotion.. good write, millie.

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Doha Ewiess 26 August 2009

the piece is so nice...and although it is not long at all and has no complications and hard expressions....but it is so expressive and this is great about it....nice piece steve :)

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White Slash 28 December 2008

Evil, is my breath this is a really cool line. my sis showed me this poem cause its one that she really likes of yours and she is right yet again... this is really good.good job. White Slash

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jennifer hall 16 December 2008

wow..i agree with everyone is very strong

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Alexandra Gray 01 November 2008

Very powerful poem, lovely words used.

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*Trusting You* 31 October 2008

I like it. it's very strong. good job. *Purkey Girl*

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