I'M A Hostage Of My Own Mind! Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

I'M A Hostage Of My Own Mind!

Rating: 3.7

This free will I chose to confine.
A hunger I wish to bind.
Thoughts of a love I cannot define.
It's a life Idare not decline.
I'm a hostage of my own mind.
I'ts a loneliness I do not let shine.
Layers of pain wich no escape can I find.
A long road that does not wind.
A chain of reasons for death that turn blind.
I'm a hostage of my own mind.

Viola Grey 09 November 2008

curiosity has not yet killed this cat...and I know you know what I mean

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Ershad Mazumder 26 October 2008

Life is a prison. So why do you look for freedom. I love prison, because freedom makes me a God. So I became slave on my own. Thanks dear friend 04me

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Stacey Watts 17 September 2008

Freedom of the mind is hard at times to overcome. Wanting to find that release that your mind has on you is sometimes more difficult.. Very good poem..

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Ashraful Musaddeq 09 September 2008

A poem of different taste.

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DELETED NOW 11 July 2008

that makes me claustrophobic lol

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Pirate Love Magic Man 13 November 2013

this is one of my favorite poems I composed...wish I could create more

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dam i love this poem, it describes how iv felt so many times befor =D this has to be a 10

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Indira Babbellapati 29 December 2008

that's what we call the snarl of 'maya' in hindu philosaphy...

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Jessica Nash 28 December 2008

Wow this is really a great poem. I understand what you mean. Feeling like your lost in your own mind.

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Crystal Pongi 02 December 2008

WOW! i love dis one! i dnt know whi but i love it! GREAT piece of work!

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