I'M A Hostage Of My Own Mind! Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

I'M A Hostage Of My Own Mind!

Rating: 3.7

This free will I chose to confine.
A hunger I wish to bind.
Thoughts of a love I cannot define.
It's a life Idare not decline.
I'm a hostage of my own mind.
I'ts a loneliness I do not let shine.
Layers of pain wich no escape can I find.
A long road that does not wind.
A chain of reasons for death that turn blind.
I'm a hostage of my own mind.

linzi- kidd 02 June 2008

you were right..i do like this... excellent writing! ! keep it up!

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Kayla Bakken 09 June 2008

excellent poem nice work.

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Emancipation Planz 20 June 2008

I've just read the previous three.. like this one the bestest... yes you will always be a Host (of your own mind) ... age may just free it! ! ! ! aroha PS... do something with that spelling immediately I say..

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DELETED NOW 11 July 2008

that makes me claustrophobic lol

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Ashraful Musaddeq 09 September 2008

A poem of different taste.

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Pirate Love Magic Man 13 November 2013

this is one of my favorite poems I composed...wish I could create more

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dam i love this poem, it describes how iv felt so many times befor =D this has to be a 10

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Indira Babbellapati 29 December 2008

that's what we call the snarl of 'maya' in hindu philosaphy...

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Jessica Nash 28 December 2008

Wow this is really a great poem. I understand what you mean. Feeling like your lost in your own mind.

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Crystal Pongi 02 December 2008

WOW! i love dis one! i dnt know whi but i love it! GREAT piece of work!

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