A Emo Girl Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

A Emo Girl

Rating: 4.0

~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
Do you leave little love letters
for her to find as you go out
the door to start your
journey of the day?
Do you tell her how wonderful
she is no matter the angry
words she has to say?
Do you fight to take her
razors and hide them away?
Do you kneel down in the
blood at her feet cry never
to give in to that horrible
cold dark defeat?
~*How do you love a EMO girl*~
With my heart and soul
Would these unselfish
acts be enough
Or will unconditional love
be the right stuff?

angelianne 1012 09 June 2008

hmm..if u love someone u just love them..but this made me wonder if there are really right ways of loving someone. anyways its a nice poem. keep it up mate! ! another 10/10

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Lan Yuham 13 June 2008

the language is a problem and the understanding too. wats emo? Ericsson Mobile office system? your poem reminds me of eliot

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DELETED NOW 05 July 2008

...makes me wonder... I love this poem! <3

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Egi David Perdana 08 July 2008

ooh life is bigger, bigger than you,

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, aryaindia 20 July 2008

Could you pls give the expansion for EMO.....perhaps I can understand the poem better, It is frightening to read the contents of this poem cause I really feel that it may be difficult for anyone to live with any one who is abnormal. Thanks for sharing the unusual. arya

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Carissa Mcbride 04 February 2013

10 out of 10 very well written

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Stella Andrews 01 November 2009

wow pirate love your quite popular. i read the first page of your comments and when i started to get down the bottom, just annoying little girls taking your words out of contents saying how not all emo's cut themselves, and so on. but they mustn't have read your amazing your peom bcoz your not talking about all emos, or even two, your talking about that one girl who you try to love. so just shut the f..uck up you silly girls. don't try and find something wrong in everything! ! ! ! but all in all i think your a amazibng person from what you write :) x stella

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<font color blue> angel 31 December 2008

I like it.Its 4rom the heart. Your Angel

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How, just tell me how do you love...Questions that demand answers.Painful yet profound.10/10

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** ** 13 December 2008

Do you fight to take her razors and hide them away? no comments: p

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