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[01] Midnight

Rating: 4.9

Night queen blooms and falls down
on the verandah of heart,
Midnight moon wakes up near the beauty bone
of high-rise apartments.

Midnight knows thickness of waiting
Midnight knows how blues becomes intense!

Poem 26
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Midnight Clarity 20 May 2009

strong imagery.Like this.

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Shimon Weinroth 20 September 2008

ah the witching hour comforting and decietful and beuatiful you have caught spirit embodied

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Wandering Scarlet 20 September 2008

midnight is one of my favourite times to be awake. i feel most alive and peaceful at midnight, possibly because it is between the hardships of yesterday and tomorrow. it is almost a transition time where at the moment, nothing seems to matter, and it gives you time to reflect upon yourself and the world around you, do you may show more appreciation for everything just love midnight.........

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Ershad Mazumder 14 September 2008

Super excellant piece dear Ashraf. More than 10. If you really love me Gaze on the sky When it is midnight You will see me Among the twinkling stars. Smile to the stars They will smile to you And you will see me Within you. If you really love me Feel me in your soul You will see me In front of you.

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Lawrence Beck 09 May 2008

This is an interesting poem, Ashraful. I enjoyed it. Larry Beck

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And a Ten for it Regards dr sakti

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Wowwww! Much in small. Thanks for your comments on my poems. Looking forward for comment if you plz Regards, dr sakti 14.08.09.

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Midnight knows thickness of waiting Midnight knows how blues becomes intense! .... beautiful thoughts expressed so precisely... how midnight is turned in to delightful blue..... i m fascinated....10 read mine dead nights

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Lillian Thomas 31 May 2009

This is a very fine poem, Ashraful, the repetitions of midnight makes the lines like pearls on a chain add their beauty to each other.

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Fiona Davidson 24 May 2009

Another beautiful write from you Ashraful...10+++

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