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[01] Time

Rating: 2.8

Time is the yellow kite on the sky
flying with clouds among clouds;
Time is the smallest article
left into the evening's case.

Time is a tiny thread
unfolded from the right hand;
Time is an event happened
into the black eyes.

Time is a coin left into others pocket;
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Sadiqullah Khan 08 September 2008

a few more dimensions of time here, , , i like the structural element of the poem, ,10

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‘…Time is an evening upset into the evening.’ Nice framing of time! Time is a frame which holds event. Enjoyed and Ten dr. sakti

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Raj Nandy 13 June 2009

A nice description of the 'Other Side of Time'! Incidentally there is a beautiful piece of Jazz music with this title which I heard long ago and I am still searching! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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Indira Renganathan 06 June 2009

My good time ...read this piece....metaphorically good one... I say time is the measure of the unending space....kindly read mine at leisure sir...thank you

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Pacific Hernandez 07 October 2008

The moment we were born, God has given us our share of time. How long, we do not know. Let's use it wisely. Your poem deserves a 10.

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Aarzoo Suman 21 September 2008

Time is very precious. I am happy that someone knows the value of it. Nice poem. keep on writing more......

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