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[01] Tragic Song

Rating: 2.9

Into the thousands megaton moon-light
A pretty cool dream lying on the orchid petals
in an evening

A silver coin idol moon smiling to the east
With deep desire to dance on the palm
of the firefly

But the sorrows are putting blues
around a moon on the sky

And composing the longest tragic song!
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Chris Newlash 20 September 2008

This one is great, you can really picture it, and thanks for reading my poem!

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 September 2008

This is dreamy, , and the tragedy in the last line 'needs' a chorus of angels, , profound write in composition and theme, ,10

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Brishti Mazumdar 30 June 2009

Your poem creates a picture...nice to go thru...

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 June 2009

the title is so captivating and interesting... the lines are impressive..dreamy...so poetic... with depth... creates great impact...felt like floating with the moon in the sky.. your thoughts painted a beautiful picture... still a very beautiful poem though ended in tragedy... 10++++ l♥ vel♥ ts, maia

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Shimon Weinroth 17 October 2008

I am as always amazed by your creative metaphors that spark my mind, alas in tragedy there is infinite empathy, well done 10

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Tsira Goge 09 October 2008

Ashraful, You offered the reader as tragical... But very beautiful poems... 10... Best wishes, Tsira

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Miss Lavender 20 September 2008

i was attracted by the title and it didn't fail me... a great poem.. u can visualize these words easily.. it gives a dreamy-like atmosphere.. would the theme be how harsh reality spoils dreams! ! i 've seen it this way... loved it

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