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[02] Within Dream

Rating: 5.0

Opening door I'll go to mango-garden
And pick-up babyhood
When the morn yarns and brushes teeth
On the stem of neem tree.

Eating green mango I'll fly with kite
When summer-noon baths into river.

Taking leave-card from class-monitor
I'll enter into childhood

And never fall back again.
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Flose Boursiquot 18 May 2009

this is a sweet poem. once again i love your play on words and how you connect simple ideas with bigger meanings.

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Inner Whispers 26 April 2009

hmn...childhood...i dream of it oftentimes...and each one of us has this reminiscence...nice writings...thank you for commenting on my page...Read more blogs about me at http: //greca.webs.com. My pleasure to be your friend, dear Ashraful...

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Shimon Weinroth 25 September 2008

nostalgic memories of childhood well done

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Sarwar Chowdhury 07 September 2008

Fine imagery crafted with fine words............10

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Retrospective! In time-machine travel in back-gear to touch and savor childhood. Ten dr. sakti

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rago rago 28 June 2009

a true dream either in the dream or in real life we never get into..........

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Taking leave-card from class-monitor I’ll enter into childhood And never fall back again.... good rememebrence of childhood... well nit words with gold remiinscenes.......10 as 'Child' i was so notorious... omment if u like

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Sherif Monem 25 May 2009

Nice poem of childhood.

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Raj Nandy 24 May 2009

Brings up vibrant images of childhood days! I had heard many stories from my father about the mango, jackfruit and guava gardens of Bangladesh; he use to miss them all - in the congested city of Calcutta! 10++ -Raj Nandy

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