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[03] Affluent Love

Rating: 5.0

Desire came and hugged
Dream called and kissed
Appetite detained me and
Kicked— on the rend life

Naughty mosquito's teeth
On my sleepy imagination
Space is my latent existence
Affluent love— the silent killer

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rago rago 18 June 2009

love with the creatures....... let the affluent love flow from depth..... see my 10 ++

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Malini Kadir 17 June 2009

genuine, raw......realistic

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Mamta Agarwal 17 June 2009

very innovative presentation..i read it several times, liked it a lot still feel missed something. Mamta

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 16 June 2009

thats so different...a unique and innovative style of expression... : -)

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Pandian Angelina 13 June 2009

Poet come, please teach me What you sing, I sit below 'Neath the shade of the Banyan tree Poet come, please I wait for thee! I say, Wha! Wha! ! with wide open eyes Angel

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Rachel Butler 09 November 2009

'Space is my latent existence Affluent love— silent killer' Rachel Ann Butler

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Surayya Abbas 03 August 2009

A Nice style.Nice to read.

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Shashendra Amalshan 20 June 2009

'Affluent love— silent killer ' ohhhh...yes sir..you always come up with something special! ! ! ! ! 10+++ enjoyed this one very one...some people say my ones are bit too long...well i m not good at writing, , short, sweet awesome poems at all..hats off! ! ! !

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 20 June 2009

Space in my latent existence.affluent love silent killer...awesom sir.

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Antonio Liao 20 June 2009

just wondeful and awesome poem...its only in you....God bless.....a 10+

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